Wednesday observations, supplemented with a ton of video

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First 5 on 5 action the media has seen this week. Ton of observations and corresponding video. Quick thoughts…

— I don’t think there’s a traditional PG on this team. And that’s OK.

— Trey Thompson looked comfortable shooting out to the 3-point line today. If that is sustainable, his shot and passing will get him on the floor more than just as Moses’ backup, even with all the other 4s they brought in. He and Moses aren’t a perfect fit, but it’s workable.

— Dustin Thomas is comfortable with the ball in his hands. Definitely not shy about shooting. Has shown some potential as a passer.

Lot more in the link.

If we had a traditional PG, or traditional anything I would be concerned. Really great stuff, thank you for it!
My biggest take away was the energy and activeness. Incredible. You can tell a lot about effort and energy by shoe sqeaks. Second thing I liked was, that conditioning never ends in this system, those cats were working! As always.

If they carry that energy and effort throughout the season it will take them a long way as they continue to bond and develope. Just really great stuff, I appreciate it a lot. Fun to watch.

Terrific job on the report. Thanks.

Each day has been pretty high-intensity. There’s a lot of competition for playing time, so that makes sense. If Kentucky/Florida/good team were on the schedule and I had to guess Mike’s rotation, it would be something like this.

Starting 5
G Macon - 26 minutes
G Hannahs - 28 minutes
G Barford - 26 minutes
F Thomas - 22 minutes
F Kingsley - 30 minutes

G Beard - 20 minutes
G Watkins - 20 minutes
F Thompson - 20-22 minutes
F Cook - 16-18 minutes

Obviously that can and will change a ton. The bench will be deeper for most games. He’ll mess with rotations and minutes in the nonconference portion of the schedule. By the time the season rolls around, maybe Bailey or Hazen can get time in the frontcourt. I could see Bailey eating into Cook’s time as he progresses. I feel like those 5 guards will wind up being the group that get the lion’s share of the PT. Glasper and Jones may get chances to play and I really like Jones down the road, but both appear to need to develop, which is to be expected.

Just some thoughts.

I have no idea whether you know what you are talking about, but the detail in your reports is impressive. You are focused on important distinguishing qualities, what skills are needed at which positions, and how well players fit together in all aspects of the game (except I have not seen much scrutiny of rebounding yet).

This is entertaining stuff. Thanks.