Wednesday Dec 4th Coaching Search Thread

I was hoping we got our Head Ball Coach today…

Here’s what we know entering Wednesday:

Campbell signed an extension at I State. He’s out!

Norvell is rumored to be going to FSU.

HY has interviewed several. Here’s the list:
And now Leach.
Possibly Butch Davis

Supposedly Kiffin is building up a staff to follow him to…? Local press in BR suggest he’s taking his talents to Fayetteville. Or is it Ole Piss?

Leach wants the job so bad he can taste it.

RD goes on jury duty unless they reject him.

Another thread continues to debate the race card.

Let’s see what happens on Wednesday. Maybe it’s today.


The plane that’s been in Idaho - near Washington State campus - since last night took off an hour or so ago.

Destination is Jonesboro, AR. Presumably to drop off BOT member and interview team member Steve Cox.

And interview Blake Anderson.

Don’t think so… think this thing is down to Kiff, Leach, and perhaps Drinkwitz.

Yea Steve (Bud) Cox was a pee wee and pony league baseball team mate of mine. Plus I always came in 2nd place against him in PPK competitions. With him we should have a good kicking team at least.

And the proverbial mystery candidate. At least we can hope, to make it even more interesting.

I don’t think HY will risk on a guy like Drinkwitz, not enough experience and too much of a risk to be a Morris repeat.

Like I did today, I have a pretty low confidence level that a hire is made Wednesday. I’m thinking it will be later in the week, probably Sunday at the latest.

I spoke to someone tonight with knowledge on Blake Anderson. He is interviewing tonight for a job (I figure ours). He is also been asked if norvell leaves Memphis and in Missouri.

Don’t think he gets gig on hill but appears he does get an interview

It’s Kiffin. Nothing has been announced because he has a game on Saturday.


I hope your right! Kiifin can put a staff together that will right the ship! He can also recruit and motivate a team to play!

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May not be the right time or place, but it’s hard not to root for Blake Anderson. Sure would hate to see him at Missouri. If goes to Memphis hope Arkansas will not be on the schedule.

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Arkansas and Memphis have three future games scheduled, in 2025, 2026 and 2028. With the way coaches change, it isn’t unreasonable to think both might go through at least one more coaching change before then.

I give hy props for even interviewing him which I think is smart. He is a good guy and coach. We could do worse. The asu pride kept long from going and getting Gus. See how that worked out. Not original either as broyles himself hired a volleyball coach from asu once.

Give Anderson credit for staying in Jonesboro as long as he has. Sure there have been offers throughout the years.

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New day in coaching search which will spawn new rumors no doubt. I’m sure HY is as ready as we are, then we can start talking about recruiting and next seasons potential improvement. If we don’t hear something by Sunday night one would have to think the guy we’re getting is still employed and headed to a bowl game, is my thinking right in this scenario? WPS

If we don’t hear something soon it’s because we’re striking out. Bowl game is not going to be an issue. Kiffin would be going to a bowl, for instance, but that wouldn’t stop us from announcing him early next week after his championship game.

My thoughts in that order too, fwiw

Got you okay SF, was hoping that wasn’t the case.Thanks,WPS

Mike Irwin put out on Twitter that Kiffin hasn’t said yes (yet) and that he has other options. We also gave Kiffin a $10 mm/yr budget for total compensation for he and his assistants. He then noted that they were discussing Pittman ($1.1 mm) as run game coordinator, more $'s for K. Briles as OC, and either Strong or Shannon as DC.