We'd have been better off with Mike Gundy....

We could have had Mike Gundy, as I recall. But Long decides to hire and give a $16MM buyout to the big man.

I’m pretty sure – no, nearly certain – Gundy would’ve won more than Bret. Better Texas recruiter and talent evaluator, if nothing else.

But Bret sent Jeff a handwritten note. Bret made football fun again. How nice.

Relatedly, Okie State now has a better athletic program than Arkansas if you judge performance on the field or court, which is where the judgment should always begin.

That is inexcusable.

I said the other day after the Minnesota BB loss that they’ve quit prioritizing winning on the Hill. An early season basketball loss might not be the best example of it, but a late season loss to a bad Mizzou team sure is.

The AD creates the culture by tolerating mediocrity and placing emphasis on everything but winning (i.e. rote and meaningless use of the term “student athlete,” high profile role on CFB Playoff Committee, fundraising for his nice new offices, “integrity,” right to student free speech, etc.)

Is Jeff Long really untouchable in all of this?

No, he is not. I wasn’t impressed with him at Pitt either. Winning isn’t as important anymore in football or basketball. It’s all about bigger facilities with rising ticket prices, and being good in other places besides the court or on the field. Bud Walton has been a mausoleum for a while now. However, if Hog fans keep buying tickets for mediocrity in those two places the trend will continue.

And they try to shame you as fans when you get tired of paying for mediocrity

I can assure you some long timers are not happy and it’s not losing but just the unacceptable performances we are suppose to blindly support

Nope not this post season

Coach broylrs had a fire to win

I don’t see that in long – more business and let’s be
Competitive in all sports type plan

i personally think if there was a priority chart for long winning would be 3rd or 4th on the list.

hes seems to me to be a money guy first and foremost. he has alienated the average fan. raised ticket prices and donation amounts the average guy just can’t pay if he has a family to support. cleared the broyles complex of anything associated with frank broyles. secondly, i think he’s enamored with appearing to be a leader, promoting himself, chairman of this board, on this or that committee, etc. in order to be mr. nice guy he lets the sec office run rampant over us. look at our schedule the last few years. we haven’t played vanderbilt or kentucky, instead we get the top of the east every year. plus, and call me a homer, but i believe in all my heart that the sec officials favor the traditional sec schools. when is the last time he called the sec officials out? I’ve never heard him really stand up for arkansas. always diplomatic, which is a good thing, but at times you have to stand up and be firm when you feel we aren’t getting fair treatment from the sec office, whether it be scheduling, officiating, etc. yeah push us around and i’ll be mr. nice guy as long as it promotes me in some form or fashion. frank, some called him meddlesome, however he wanted to win the right way. wasn’t afraid to make a change. was a pioneer, remember when we hired nolan, shocked the sports world. by hiring sutton he made basketball at arkansas prominent. he had a vision. what is longs vision, sitting in suites sipping wine with the big bucks? facilities are awesome, cudos to broyles for starting that and long for continuing it. all i know is I’m tired of being mediocre . win something hogs, in football, basketball, or baseball.

If Long and Bielema put as much energy in to winning as they do in to self promotion it would be an improvement.

Gundy?? You have to be kidding? Now way he could survive in the SEC.

Not kidding. Bielema is becoming a joke. Gundy pretty consistently does a good job. And, newsflash, the SEC ain’t that great this year. Gundy would do just fine, better than Bielema.

That’s not accurate as far as Gundy. He did do a great job in getting a raise.

Long wants to win. I had several discussions with him in Spain that assured me of that point.

:!: :!:

Ok, I think John Wooden had a quote about the will to win. But Dudley, do you think Long is starting to furrow his brow at Bielema? Maybe just a little? The buyout is ridiculous, so I know he won’t be fired for a while. But Long has to be questioning the guy at this point, don’t you think? This has been a bad year, especially in his year 4.

Having not gone to Missouri and not being around Long lately, I couldn’t give you an accurate answer.

I would think he is as disappointed as the players and coaches are with the second half effort yesterday.

But he doesn’t make rash decisions on emotion

Which makes him different than a whole lot of people on this board. And that’s why they pay Jeff Long a whole bunch of money, to make rational decisions.

BB isn’t going anywhere. And I’m not sure there will be much in the way of staff changes either. They may decide the way to go is to improve the talent. I do expect staff changes, but I won’t be shocked if there aren’t.

Long has rationally brought us to being a middle of the pack at best in the sec in every major sport. Baseball, were we .500 last year, basketball well we had 1 decent year. Wow. Time for a raise and extension. Women’s basketball, how did they do last year. We went to a mid tier at best bowl game in football, this year get blown out 4 times. The if long keeps this up football attendance will Look like the Missouri stadium yesterday. Maybe a little emotion would be good for him, and us And if coach b doesn’t make staff changes and we lay an egg again next year then expect the natives to be more than restless. Need more talent , well duh, of course we do. But they aren’t going to be stars next year , not in the sec. but hey, at least we have Jeff long. That gives me comfort

Steadiness and shunning emotion has nothing to do with it. It’s the silly buyout. That’s why they won’t even entertain a move. That and Long and some of the other POTBs are satisfied with winning 7 games, and likely fewer (see next season). Which sucks.

He’s a bad fit at Arkansas and, frankly, I can’t imagine he’d be a good fit at many football programs. Wisky is better off without him.

I can see what’s happening in this athletic program. You and other Long apologists can’t. We’ll see.

I love how the negative Nellies (yes, I’m talking about you) think they are the only ones who can look at a program objectively, when the truth is you’re busy looking for the dark cloud even when there isn’t one. Meanwhile, my panicky friend, you are doing NOTHING but seeing this emotionally. If optimists see things through rose-colored glasses, I suspect yours are tinted the same color as a cow patty.

I was in Columbia yesterday, sitting right behind the main CBS camera on the 50-yard-line (which got in my way more than once), stunned by what I was seeing just like everyone else. Not happy at all with what happened.

But I’m also not ready to throw out the baby with the bath water every time we lose a game. Firing people is not the answer. Some of you people would have fired the entire coaching staff week by week this season, starting with week one when we struggled to score 21 points on La Tech.

If Jeff Long thought a change was needed, the buyout would not stop him. He can wait until Jan. 1, shortly after our bowl, and the buyout goes down by $3.2 million if that was what he felt was needed. But he takes the long view, pun not intended. You are apparently incapable of taking the long view: We didn’t win 9 games, fire the HC immediately. I’m not sure if you’re one of the worshipers at the altar of the Holy Motorcycle Rider, but it doesn’t matter. He isn’t coming back, and BB isn’t leaving.

Long view huh… truth is they could go 3-9 3 years in a row and you’d preach patience. A coach apologist of the highest order. Always support the administration and refuse to question anything.

I find it hella funny that CBP name keeps coming up almost 5 years later. What I find most interesting is its the HATE CBP crowd that brings it up 2 to 1 on this board. The anti Bobby crowd keeps bashing the Pro bobby in posts and say there tired of the posts and him, yet you guys are starting it

Swine I’ve seen you bring his name up 3x this week when nobody else was even talking about him, just like above

So? There is a sizable portion of the fan base who wants him back, and they aren’t being shy about it. Then there are others who just take the position of “ready, fire, aim”: Let’s fire somebody just so a few fans get the scalps they want, whether it suits the needs of the program or not.

I’m not apologizing for anybody. Long is gonna do what he’s gonna do no matter what I say, or what anyone in this thread says. Since I know he’s not going to make his decision based on what anyone here thinks, I’m willing to sit back and wait to see what that decision is, since I can’t affect it anyway.

Maybe on the other board you moderate (hawg lounge or whatever it is ) not here its not I could care either way but the haters of BP bring it up way more then bitch his name even comes onto this board…you included