Webb and Austin got to start driving the ball

I like both of these guys but have to admit I’m a little surprised that they aren’t contributing more.Webb has a had a few good games but really hasn’t hit the ball hard,I was/am expecting more power out of him and Austin to me has a beautiful swing,keeps the bat flat and through the zone as good as anybody we have,he just has to start getting better pitches to hit,takes too many IMO but I think for this offense to take off both of these guy have got to start hittng the ball with more authority.

I was thinking the same thing yesterday.

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Webb has had a couple of good games. Austin not and he seems to be a rally killer. Dont understand his approach at the plate at all. Looks overmatched every time up. Webb besides hitting not consistently needs to learn to hit the cut off man. 3 times I’ve seen him miss and let a runner advance

Austin IMO is taking too many hittable pitches,I have always thought the 1st pitch(Moore and Kjerstad attack the 1st pitch very well) might be the as good as your going to see b/c the pitcher doesn’t want to fall behind in the count,I’m not sure what the % of 1st pitches he has taken but seems to me he’s behind in the count a lot and is not picking up slider spin(like a lot aren’t) and getting himself out by swinging at bd piches but trust me he has as good a swing as any on this team very flat bat all the way through the zone,I feel he will get going

What burns me up about both of these guys they strike out looking on close pitches a lot! Then early in counts they both chase the high fastball! We know Washington will take a walk so he’s waiting his turn.

Sometimes guys think too much when hitting. See ball…hit ball.

The best hitter I have seen in my lifetime in his prime was Manny Ramirez. He had a great eye and waited for a good pitch to hit. When the pitcher threw him a good pitch, he would seldom miss. He barreled that ball with the best of them. He was a head case, but the guy was incredible.

IMO Austin is taking too many pitches,have seen him take some pitches he could have absolutely crushed, he then just behind in the count and has to hit the pitchers pitch, the ones that are off the plate or up in the zone he’s getting himself out. He has a very good swing, I just think he needs to be much more aggressive

I saw Manny play in Fenway. He had two home runs that day against the Orioles. Then he lost a fly ball in the air and was standing when it hit within arms reach of him.

The Red Sox won that day by at least 12 and the fans were focused on hating the Yankee’s more than the game. It was interesting. Then in the 7th inning stretch a young woman right in front of us flashed the crowd.

I thought I was back in NOLA…

I’d give up on any of them hitting like Ruth or Gehrig if they’d all hit like Ted Williams. I’d take my chances on getting the CWS with such a lineup. I’d also like maybe a Koufax or Gibson or two in the pitching rotation. That’s all I ask. I don’t want to get greedy.

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