Looking significantly worse now. Weather Channel now with 100% chance of rain and thunderstorms.

I hate to even think of this but with thunderstorms what if it gets cancelled? That would stink if we lose a sure win. With no open dates except the early one I can’t imagine it would get rescheduled.

I know it likely won’t be cancelled but just a thought.

I think they will just play it in a rainstorm and wait it out if there is lightning. Now if the game is out of hand in the second half they might call it a day if a prolonged storm sets in, but it is more likely to be just miserable rather than cut short.

Since the game is on Thursday and FAMU is bussing in, they could wait a long time before calling it… like half the night.

There’s going to be a lot of handwringing over the next few days for sure. Will they or won’t they. What if. I doubt FAMU will request a cancellation as this is a huge part of their annual athletic department income. Nobody wants to be blamed for causing people to be put in harms way, so we’ll see how the powers that be handle it.

NWS still “only” has 50% chance of rain in LR Thursday night but that number keeps climbing. Rain won’t keep us from playing, but lightning might. Remember that LSU lost its season opener a year or two back because of a thunderstorm that just wouldn’t go away, so it could happen.

Aggies are lucky to have road game this week, otherwise the widespread flooding down there might take them out too.

I spoke to the weather service this morning. Here is more: … -thursday/

All this would not be good, obviously, for the Hogs. if ever a team needs lots of reps, this one does, in my humble opinion. This was originally shaping up to be a good scrimmage for us that would help prepare for the next two tough outings. I don’t like this at all. Here’s hoping Mother Nature helps us out! WPS!!

National Hurricane Center now shows the path of the storm heading more toward northern Mississippi but not fully arriving there until Friday. That would put Little Rock on the fringe of the heavy rain with thunderstorms likely. Of course, it is going to be a day by day and hour by hour forecast. I predict they play as scheduled, but when nervous Nelly gets antsy, you can never tell.

Regardless of the weather, I think the game will be played Thursday. I do not think there will be any postponements.