Weather update

I’m at the stadium. Rained hard on my drive in until about 30 miles from town. It is dry here. Tropical storm will hit about 30 minutes ahead of kickoff, then intensify as the game progresses. During the game the percentages are 99 to 100 percent through 5 pm. Drop to 80 percent at 6 pm. I think the worst of the weather is just west of Auburn. There are warnings about possible small tornadoes.

Any lightning forecast for that area?

From the beautiful (not) city of Opelika

I believe we will have a 3 hour delayed start and I hope the players are prepared for it

Auburn is under a tornado watch until 8 tonight. I think it’s likely there will be lightning move through at some point.

Nobody is ever prepared for that, it’s brutal and a energy drainer! Nightmare for the whole team, whoever deals with it best has a big advantage, no fun!!

We did ok against Alabama in 2003

Long time ago totally different team… if it happens we will see, been there done it and no fun!

I’d think advantage to the away team

Why you think that?

No home field advantage for home team. Away Team is already in limbo for road game.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen.

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