Weather Tuesday

Northwest Arkansas is under a winter storm warning and the National Weather Service is predicting 8 to 12 inches of snow for Fayetteville tomorrow.

LSU’s team is supposed to fly in today so I don’t think the weather will have any impact on the game, but it probably will on the crowd.

We had that one night in the Barn years ago. That was fun.

The early 6:00 tip is already a challenge to me

Will try my best

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I guess I will not be driving from Little Rock tomorrow. Too bad. 6 pm games are perfect for me. Gets me back home by 11.

I’m spending the night, don’t usually do that for a midweek game, but a 3.5 hour drive home in the snow doesn’t appeal to me


I remember playing Kansas (and kicking their butt) with all kinds of snow on the ground.

Had snow cover for 5 weeks now and will last it least 2 more weeks. You learn to deal with it. No big deal. Unless there is a lot of wind, I don’t let it change my plans

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Oh, if I was living in Fayetteville, I would be at the game. That drive from Fayetteville to Alma gets very treacherous at night until you cross the tunnel. Now, when I was younger, that didn’t stop me from driving over and back. Even when US 71 and Pig Trail were the only options.

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I’d definitely love to be there and at ALL of them BUT this 'ol Razorback fan ain’t driving nor flying from Nashville Tenn to see them Hawgs play.
HOWEVER, I’ll be on the front row in my living room with a cold drink and a hot bowl of homemade veg/beef soup. GOHOGSGO!!!

Hmmm the Weather Channel site says 4" of snow in the next 48 hrs, which sounds a lil better. Planning to fly up from Dallas in afternoon, will revisit that in the morning I guess.

By the way, there could be a repeat of this, a week from Tuesday when Aggies come to town. They can beat LSU tomorrow without me. I think they will need me against the Aggies. LOL. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

How many remember the 2006 Florida game that we won in OT? It was more ice than snow and driving was treacherous. Florida was ranked #2 I believe and Bud Walton was only about half full. I was there and it was so loud that you would have thought the Bud was packed in the middle of Corliss days. Very memorable afternoon.

The “Storm” will be a non-player…soft snow, no really freezing temp…roads will stay mostly clear. You heard it here, first! :hushed:: :nerd_face:

I think the decision was made that day to let all students into the game, regardless of whether they had bought an access pass. It was rowdy.

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Aloha Matt,
Just asking, why is the UA not providing any shuttle service when we’re expecting winter weather? That’s when it’s most needed. Are the shuttles unable to drive in slush and snow? I can understand no shuttle service during a blizzard or winter storm and everything is closed.
UA…Campus of Champions

As a child I learned to hate the trip from Fayetteville to Alma on 71. Haven’t been on it since the interstate opened, I wonder what the number on the sign is for that deadly curve now.

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I got in trouble for that one, I didn’t go to work that day but lived close enough to walk to Bud Walton. A coworker saw me at the game and sent a picture to my boss. It wasn’t that serious, I worked at Circuit City at the time. College was fun.

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I haven’t heard of a Circuit City in years!

If you’ve ever seen “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” I swear whoever wrote that worked at a Circuit City. The way they act in the store, breaking lights on each other in the back of the warehouse, were all normal occurrences at the store.