Weather tonight

I’ll be surprised if they play tonight. It has been pouring here for the better part of the last 13 hours and all of that is heading toward Memphis by late afternoon.

If they can’t play tonight, that would put Arkansas down two games this year. I don’t think there would be a rush to fill one of those missed games, but it would put greater emphasis on having good weather the rest of the season.

yeah no biggie our schedule will do all the talking for us

It hasn’t rained a drop in Jonesboro, and the hourly Memphis report says 0% at game time, rising to 35% by 10pm. I think there is a bigger threat of rain Thursday night in Oxford.

Admittedly, the forecast I looked at was the National Weather Service, which states there is a 90 percent chance of rain tonight but does not have an hour by hour. Basing what it has done here - 2 1/2 inches since midnight - and the general eastern pattern of this system, I just assume the eastern part of the state and Memphis are going to get soaked at some point. Hopefully not before 10, as I would like to see this game.

I think it will be a close race on getting it in, especially if it’s a slugfest. I looks like it’s closer to an 8-9:00 rain, than a 10:00 rain at the present time.

You wonder, in a situation like this, why they didn’t start 30 minutes or an hour early? I doubt that many will be there on a week day, and most of those who are would probably be there 30 minutes before the game.

3000 in attendance, with about 2800 Razorback fans, and most were still eating , or walking in at 6pm.