Weather today

It is really cold in Fayetteville this morning and the high today is only 41 degrees. There will be north winds gusting to 20 mph, which means you might see some wind-aided home runs this afternoon.

:cold_face: :cold_face:
(Although I do prefer a north wind, since the stadium blocks my seat from north winds.)

Any word on a possible DH this weekend?

Not yet but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear something about it today. The forecast for Sunday isn’t good and seems to look less favorable every time I check.

It was snowing in Saline County this morning, too warm to stick but some very large flakes fluttering down. I wouldn’t want to be at a baseball game here today either.

I fear they should cancel all the games this weekend. Here in Georgia my yard which is highest in the neighborhood has standing water.

It is too cold to play baseball in Fayetteville today. Right now it is 36 at11:30. No way I would want to pitch in this weather.

Coldest I’ve ever been in my life was when I was coaching baseball and we had been rained out three or four games and had to play in 34 degree weather with a wind chill of 21 at night :scream: I’m sure these California boys are going to love this :joy:

Gonzaga players may think they’re back in Spokane. It’s a balmy 29 degrees there right now.

Oh they are in Washington! I don’t know why I thought they were California boys… yeah they will be used to this weather for sure

I hope it warms up!

There will not be a doubleheader Friday, so if there is one it will be Saturday.

I was thinking it might be Saturday which is supposed to be a little warmer than Fri.

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