Weather should be a focus (HURRICANE THREADS MERGED)

Hurricane Delta is now a category 4. I know these things are unpredictable, but here’s the most recent update from 10:25am today:

Looks like it’ll be over Mississippi Saturday afternoon, but the outer bands will reach far beyond. We’ll likely have heavy rain at a minimum if the storm stays on this course.

Postponement is obviously worst case scenario. I’m assuming they would not move the game to Fayetteville.

I spoke to someone at the National Weather Service in Birmingham this morning. That is the forecasting office for Auburn.

As of right now they are more worried about rainfall and some spin-up tornadoes in eastern Alabama. The hurricane is projected to make landfall in Louisiana and the heavier rainfall is expected in Mississippi and west Alabama.

That can change, of course. The forecaster I spoke to said the National Hurricane Center expects to have more certainty in the 36-48 hours. They cannot rule out landfall along the Alabama coastline.

Right now I think the LSU-Missouri game in Baton Rouge is likely to get moved or postponed, and the Alabama game at Ole Miss might be in more jeopardy of being interrupted than Arkansas’ game at Auburn.

The National Hurricane Center reported this morning the storm has rapidly intensified and is now a category 4. I think it was still a tropical storm less than 24 hours ago.

The South Carolina @ Vandy game may be in jepoardy as well.

Worth keeping an eye one…Tropical Storm Delta is expected to mature into a hurricane today…current track shows it smack-dab over Alabama on Saturday.

Let’s move the game to Fayetteville! (Fat Chance!)

Why not move the game to Fayetteville if the hurricane hits AL & both teams want to play? There is no real home field advantage during our current state of Covid isolation.

Didn’t LSU and Florida do this very thing a few years ago because of another hurricane?

I wonder if Gus will shut down the elevators at halftime and trap our coaches…like they did a few years ago.

Not that I carry a grudge…

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Yes, I believe that was Hurricane Matthew that forced LSU to play at Florida.

LSU’s game at South Carolina in 2015 was moved to Baton Rouge because of the flooding in Columbia.

It’s rare to have a hurricane this late in the year. The number we’ve had & the intensity of this one are alarming. Looks like we’re seeing more & more results of global climate change.

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It’s actually not that rare. Hurricane season lasts until November each year. This NOAA chart shows the frequency of hurricanes and tropical storms, and how prevalent they are in early October over a 100-year period. Hurricanes Wilma, Sandy, Matthew and Michael were all in October.

Granted, those were all in the past 15 years — Opal and Mitch were a couple of big October hurricanes in the '90s — which might speak to your point about the intensification of these storms later in the year. The oddity this year has certainly been the number of tropical systems that have developed, but that could be due to the La Niña that has developed. I think we’re on the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet this year, whereas in 2016 and 2017 we were on the “M” name.

Very interesting…I posted on this subject yesterday…and you can see my post (along with some replies to that post) if you scroll down near the bottom. Yet, it is merged with a similar post from just an hour ago, which is at the top.

Not unusual for threads on similar subjects to be merged, but normally the original thread survives and the later ones are just merged in below it. Very odd.

Oh well.

I merged the threads and inadvertently made today’s posts go on top of yesterday’s. Once it was done, it couldn’t be undone.

I will vouch for Matt. It can be a bit confusing when merging posts. I have learned that with some trial and error. And as he said, once it is done …

Maybe the Weather Channel can tie Jim Cantori to one of the goal posts and see how it goes.

Here is an update on the storm and this weekend’s game. As of now it would be surprising if the game wasn’t played:

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