Weather not looking good for Kentucky trip

Of course, these things can and sometimes do change, but right now it’s not looking favorable at all for Friday and Saturday. Perhaps we get lucky and can squeeze a game in at least one of those days, and finish with a double-header on Sunday.

If would really hurt not to get those games in because (a) KY appears to be our easiest opponent left and (b) they are road games which help the RPI more Yes - we are in good shape to host, probably a Super, even without those games. But playing and winning that series would give us some margin for error. And then, there is the SEC West and overall regular season title to consider.

Fingers crossed that we can get at least a couple of the games in. … 2355c793fd

The National Weather Service says there is a 30 percent chance of rain Friday night. On Saturday, the rain is expected to begin around 2 p.m. local time (Eastern) and Sunday is clear. The NWS’ Friday forecast should be more precise in tomorrow afternoon’s update.

A few thoughts:

First, because none of the games have been selected for network TV, moving a game time is much easier.

Second, Arkansas will charter to Lexington, so if there is a doubleheader needed Sunday, there will be no curfew in place to finish the games. There is a lot of flexibility to work around the rain.

Finally, Kentucky is playing in a new stadium, which likely has a much better playing surface and drainage system than the old ballpark, which was not very good.

We definitely need to get all 3 in for sure in case it comes down to it at the end.

I just don’t want to see rain delays! It would stink for Campbell to start and pitch 2 or 3 innings and the rain come down! That would mess up the bullpen for the entire series! The flexibility to change game times may be key.
One game at a time.

While I agree with you, I’d argue that it would hurt their pitching more than ours.

That said, I hate it when games are delayed, then stop/started. But sometimes, you just can’t avoid the rain.