Weather looks iffy for tomorrow & Sat

Might be able to get a DH in on Friday. Looks pretty bad for tomorrow night & Sat.

I really want to play these 3 games. I think we can win them all & we need them.

I just looked at and tomorrow night at 6:00 pm it’s only 10% chance of precipitation and goes down to 5% by 8. Click on the hourly forecast for the next 48 hours.

The National Weather Service does not have any chance of rain tomorrow night. There is a 50 percent chance Friday night, but mostly after midnight. So the chances are good that game will be played on time.

The day that has been the concern all week has been Saturday, when there is a 60 percent chance of storms in the afternoon. Those should clear out by the evening, but it wouldn’t surprise to see the game get delayed some that day.

I’m hoping the first 2 games get in without any delays. For game 3 it would be nice for the game to be complete Saturday to help get the pitching rotation set for Texas A&M on Thursday.
Win those first 2 and let it all hang out in game 3! Hoping for a sweep!

Woke up to snow here this AM. Have not paid attention to which way it is heading.

Ugh…good grief unless you were hoping for it haha.

It is moisture and good moisture. One of the first things you learn here is that all moisture is good no matter the form (except hail which comes too often) or when it comes.

You can sort of count on some sort of snow around Mother’s Day. Spring is like that. 80 and then snow.