Weather looking "iffy" for Sunday's game(s)

Looks like the rain will arrive about the time the 3 PM game is supposed to start. If we’re lucky, it may get there sooner and be gone by 3 or 4 PM Central.

But then, there’s another batch of bad weather in Louisiana that might make it’s way to Fayetteville later in the day.

It is humid and overcast this morning in Fayetteville. It looks like the bottom might fall out of the clouds at any time.

Started raining a few minutes ago in Fort Smith. Looks from the radar that the line of rain is moving pretty much straight north toward Baum.

The rain, lightning and wind has arrived in Fayetteville. It is really coming down at my house and the radar looks like it is going to be here for a little while.

If I was a betting man, I would say there aren’t going to be two games played today. There might be enough of a window this afternoon for one game, but more storms are supposed to arrive early this evening.

One game today would help whichever team advanced because it would give the bullpen another day to rest up. This regional can last as long as needed to determine a winner.

The radar shows that it is raining all the way to Fort Smith and the storms are moving south to north. That would suggest that it would be about another hour before this band moved out of the area. So I’m guessing it will be about 4:30 or later before anything can be played.

That’s not official, just my guess.

At this point a rainout would work to our favor, letting the arms get rested. That is unless ORU eats us anyway.

Not really. Stephan and Knight wouldn’t be able to throw. Well, maybe Stephan could do an inning or two. But I think it’s gonna be the same setup as in the elimination game against Auburn at Hoover. And that worked out OK.

The game will begin at 4:55.