Weather kinda iffy at Vandy

NWS says 40% chance of showers or thunderstorms in Nashville early tonight, then 70% after 2 am. Winds tonight from the south, which will blow out to left field at Vandy. The chance of rain and/or storms continues into Saturday hopefully easing off at 1 pm, an hour before first pitch. Afternoon winds Saturday will shift to the north, which will be blowing in from left field.


I hate turf but it’s okay for this weekend. :slight_smile:

Yep, as long as there’s no thunder they should be able to play. But then LSU played last weekend even with thunder while the SEC track meet across the street shut down.

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Might want to check that rain forecast again. No rain forecast tonight up to and through game time. Saturday afternoon start might have left over sprinkles. But with turf, so what unless lightning is around.

I guess the vaulting poles attract more lighting than those bats…that is strange to have different standards for two college sports in the same conference and the same national oversight body. Perhaps track is influenced by international rules,

It should have been under SEC guidelines that you don’t play if there’s lightning within 8 miles, I think. But they shut track down and baseball kept going. The LSU ballpark and track are quite close

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Discretion, to be or not to be…isn’t that always the question.

I suppose lumination of a pole vaulter clearing the bar as lighting strikes occur might bring about rule consistency in interpretation.

looking more and more ominous, walkup tickets available at gate but not really online except outrageous prices. The front is making a return back up from the south after coming through Monday/Tuesday. It packed a little hail and lots of wind lightning first time through. Wind is definitely picking up. Vandy turf is especially slick when wet. That is advantage Vandy.