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The weather forecast sucks for the next couple of days in Fayetteville. I’m afraid we’re not likely to get either game in, much less both. Hope I’m wrong. A delay hurts us. There’s a big advantage coming out of the winners bracket with your opponent having to play the second game of a DH and the 4th game in 3 days.

I agree. I think we will get both games in today. It may be close to midnight but I think it will happen. Really hoping NJIT pulls out an upset today in game 1. We don’t need any of the opposing pitching staffs to get an extra day of rest.

definently could be trouble in the afternoon,looks to be ok at night(20-30%) so we will see,yes huge advantage to win and rest for sure.

Hourly Weather Forecast for Fayetteville, AR - The Weather Channel |

They’ll get one game in today, for sure. Everybody’s pitchers get to rest, may even allow you an inning out of Kopps if it’s pushed back a day.

If they get one game in, then suddenly instead of playing a team that’s just played a game earlier in the day while our team has a full day or rest, we’ll both be playing 2 games tomorrow (weather allowing). Reminds me of the 2018 CWS final against OSU when their pitching was wearing thin and we had to wait to stop the Championship series because of rain. Allowed them to regain some pitching depth.

In your scenario, we would only play two games tomorrow if we lose the first one. If we win, regional over.

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I think we get both in today ,forecast has gotten better since earlier today.

Hourly Weather Forecast for Fayetteville, AR - The Weather Channel |

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Correct, he’s assuming we lose, shameful.


I was comparing the two scenarios. In the first (no delay), the OTHER team has to play twice in the same day, while we’re playing one game today (tonight). In the second scenario, they DO NOT play two today, but IF there is a second game tomorrow, BOTH teams play twice…so, we - as the top seed and winner of the game last night…get NO advantage as the winner of that game is supposed to get.

I wasn’t “assuming” we lose; just comparing who does or does not have an advantage in those two scenarios.

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I was talking about getting both games in today…NJIT and Ours .I never said you assumed that we would lose,that was someone else.

I quoted the wrong post, Youdaman…Meant to quote MDW.

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