Weather forecast, Saturday

Could change, but right now forecast is for 23 degrees at sunup and high of 44 in the afternoon. Brr. Man, sitting in my living room in SW Florida is looking better and better as we get into the wintry months.

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Nothing better than sitting by a fire and watching a cold weather football game. Throw in some snow and it’s even better.

I’ll be camping and clearing land this weekend. Gonna be a chilly one

I would agree with you from the east coast, except it looks like I’m going to have a hurricane right on top of me Thursday.

Perfect deer hunting weather! Opening morning of rifle season, my favorite day of the year! I got a couple of big ones on trail cameras that need need to cooperate Saturday…

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Prayers for you and all in the path. I sat out a tropical storm with gusts of 50 mph in my RV next to the beach at Sandestin. Never again!

Works for me; of course I won’t be there. But LSU wouldn’t be the only warm-weather school to fold up on a cold day in NWA in November. Of course it’s not gonna bother Foucha or Brooks but that’s two out of a bunch.

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