Weather forecast for Baton Rouge looking more favorable

As late as yesterday (Thurs), it was looking bad for Saturday’s game at LSU, due to rain in the forecast. However, at this point, it appears the chances for precip have been greatly reduced, and are greatest in the early afternoon. Looks like we ought to be fine for our Saturday game at 7 PM Central. … 47?hour=39

I was hoping for a double header! The two 7 inning games I think would have favored the hogs. Especially the in recent history LSU has made their comebacks in the later innings.

This is a year you want to extend games against LSU because of its struggles in the bullpen. The Tigers have lost some games late, including the finale at Ole Miss.

yes much better chance than early in the week…will keep fingers crossed.

Still wishing for a 7 inning game, Army?

If you’re the better team - and this year, we are - you’d rather take your chances with more playing time than less. Gives your superiority more time to come through.

Doesn’t alway work out that way - of course. Nothing does all the time. But the odds are in your favor the longer you play a team not quite as good as you are.