Weather for tonight’s game

Any delays expected? Looks like a heavy rain cell going thru the Fayetteville area close to game time. Looks like it’s possible to be out by the 6:00 hr.

Sitting in the parking lot right now, and there is a light rain

But the sky doesn’t look good

Just looked at radar (5:37). Shows pretty good coverage across area, but no rain to the west. Field drains well. May be a later start, but should get it in.

I know this thread was originally about Saturday’s game, but Sunday’s is going to have to dodge some storms to finish without a delay.

Good news is that with the SEC’s new rules, S. Carolina won’t have a 5 or 6 pm curfew (as in past seasons) because their spring semester is over. So, we’ll eventfully get the entire game in today/tonight.