Weather for Today's game

With the football team moving inside for the practice the weather isn’t good.
What’s the chances of getting in the game today?

Looks like according to AccuWeather, 57% chance of rain during the noon hour. Drops to 20% after the 1:00 hour thru the rest of the day. Looks pretty promising to me.

Yeah looks fine after about 1:00 I see no problems getting it in

The rain is moving out of Fayetteville now. I think the baseball game will start on time.

Well that’s good. I hope our hogs get the game in and it’s a win! I’m getting ready to hide Easter eggs for the kids and grandkids. I hope they find all the eggs. I had to put the German Shepard in the pen behind the chicken house. She was following me and bringing the eggs back to me. It was funny but I needed to get all the eggs out of my bucket. The wife put special eggs for each kid in their basket before they go out to find eggs each one have $50 inside. With 5 grandkids and 3 kids at home we will have some fun. My oldest daughter ask me where her basket was!
I told her the babies get all the gifts and stuff now. I’m so proud of my family! God has blessed me! I hope and pray all of you have a happy Easter with your family.


Love this Army. We’ll be with our 2 daughters and 7 grands tomorrow. Just made mom’s potato salad for the gathering. A Holiday tradition in our family. Prayers Army. Hope you’re doing well.

Thank you! Prayers for you too! I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!
It will make it better to beat LSU today and get the sweep!

Happy Easter Army! looks like ya’ll put together a good time for the babies

Such a great post, Army. Blessings abound, if we only stop to acknowledge. Gratitude makes our minds and souls healthier.

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