Weather for Game - what to wear

It is cloudy and cool today with a few showers (wish there were a lot, lot more of those!!!). Perhaps tomorrow will be the same. It is suppose to warm back up and clear off for Friday and Sat. Sat. is suppose to be in the mid 80s. It will be very warm feeling in the sunshine. WARNING, for those of you coming from home and not familar with how it goes here, as soon as the sun hits those Mountains to the W., it will start cooling off and do so fast. Not saying it will be cold or anything like that. It should be very pleasant, but if you are in shorts or short sleeves, it could be cool. I would suggest you have a very light jocket with you just in case. Also, There is always the possiblity of a stay shower (very unlikely it seems), but before you leave the car, just glance toward to Mountains to be sure.

Anybody can always contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

yes 54 for the low. will be cool for sure but feel great to the players!