Weather for game tonight.

What’s the weather looking like in Fay?
Not looking at any weather app. Just curious as to what it is doing now, and what the local feeling is on getting the game in tonight.

It is humid here, overcast and windy. The latest NWS report says the storms will mainly be before 7 p.m. now, which is earlier than what was thought yesterday. It looks like the central and southern parts of the state are going to get the worst of the storms tonight.

My feeling is that the game probably will get played tonight, but the start might be delayed an hour or more.

Thanks, Matt!
Looking forward for a bounce back tonight.

When you look at the big-picture weather radar (see below), it appears another line of storms will hit around 6 or 7 PM - but, as Matt indicated, should move through rather quickly. And from the looks of it, after that one goes by, they ought to be able to get the game in.

I’d expect first pitch somewhere around 8:00 tonight.

There was an unconfirmed tornado about 30 miles south of town in Mountainburg within the last hour.

The game has been postponed until noon tomorrow. … til-satur/

I understand why they felt they had to do this… but I’ll bet you that by 8 o’clock tonight it will be great baseball weather…

Well… Was I right? It’s 8 o’clock now… Is it good weather for baseball tonight?

The women’s softball team is playing. They are in the 4th inning, tied with Alabama at one run apiece. However, they are in a weather delay at this time.

It was lightning at my house as recently as 8:45 p.m. and has rained off and on all night. They could have played tonight, but likely would have wasted a lot of arms with the stops and restarts.

Rain delay has ended and played has resumed. Alabama takes the lead, 2-1.