Weather for game Sat

For you guys in NW Arkansas what are the roads like? Do you expect issues for Saturday or should they be relatively clear?

Main roads should be fine

It’s a mess right now, but the precip is over. The road crews are going to be busy the next 24 hours.

I may be driving up from Dallas on Friday so my fingers are crossed for a lil sunshine.

I live on the edge of Fort Smith and the ice is not over yet here. We have been getting ice / rain off and on all day. The roads are terrible. I’d wager that they will have done plenty of work on I-40 through this area so your trip through here should be okay. But do not try getting off in the area, the roads are bad and the temp is too low (currently 31 degrees) for it to be melting much today. Friday will probably still be bad around here as your passing through so be careful.

Nah, I-40 and I-49 are very drivable right now, and with sunshine tomorrow, it will be fine. The side roads and parking lots may be trash, but the main roads will only get better.

Go to the cameras, the roads are ok, and will only improve as the day and tomorrow go on.


It’s going to be an absolute mess on Saturday and for those traveling from far away, I wouldn’t advise risking it.

Send me a DM and I will make sure your tickets get used.

Kidding about the traveling conditions…not kidding about looking for tickets! lol

They will have the brine on the roads over the next 48 hours. You will be fine.

There you go, the poet. With brine ya’ll be fine.

A poet and don’t know it.

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Ha. Thanks for the support! I’ve got some good tickets too. Think I’ll use them.

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Here’s a handy site to use for monitoring road conditions across the state. Hover over the stop light on the right of the screen and click traffic cameras. You can look at almost every section of interstate in the state. It looks in great shape today from the Oklahoma state line to BWA.

Roads are good today. The U of A parking lots are another story.

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