Weather could be an issue tonight

50-60 % chance of rain from gametime through the rest of the night.

Yeah, from what I see there is a 59% chance of TS at the 5:00 hr.
Then a 59% chance of TS at the 7:00 hr. and a 41% chance of TS at the 8:00 hr.
It’s not just the rain probability but the TS usually bring lightening.

I think there is a good chance they will play a doubleheader tomorrow, assuming the forecast is correct.

Not looking good for tonight

For anyone wondering about the potential for a time change, I would be surprised to see an adjustment to the 6 p.m. first pitch because the game is scheduled to be on SEC Network. If it were an SEC Network+ broadcast, I could potentially see the game time being moved ahead to try to beat the storms.

I was wondering if they might move the game up could start at 2 and have no problem but the game on TV presents a problem

If we end up playing a doubleheader tomorrow, will they be regular 9-inning games or 7-inning?

Since we tend to, uh, often find our groove later in the game, it could make a difference.

The only time a doubleheader is seven innings is if the games are played on the final scheduled day of the series. So a doubleheader Saturday would include nine-inning games.

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