We Would've Beat UNC Had We Got Calls

Like Oregon got last night! Still pisses me off thinking about it & how well we played to claw back in that game! Meeks & those boys are stout, but they push players out from under the goal & foul a lot, where they’re not whistled often. Maybe we should get Dalton Wagner to go out for basketball this next winter? Lol!

Yeah, it’s been annoying watching UNC in the tournament. We didn’t get that call. We didn’t get that call. We didn’t get that call…

Any notion that UNC doesn’t foul or that our low foul total was simply due to “letting the players play” in the tournament has been completely invalidated by their subsequent games.

I heard one analyst on Fox Sports radio actually say that Arkansas win was not in the NCAAT script. Most unbiased analysts seem to agree that we got hosed.

I would much rather focus on how great we played against a National Champion than continue to whine about the refs, justified or unjustified. Refs are not perfect, and there are bad calls. That is nothing new. But a conspiracy theory? I save that for the Kennedy assassination.

I’m not into a “conspiracy theory” but you can’t be blind to the discrepancy in whistles in our game with NC. There is often a very fine line at this high level in winning vs losing, so a few calls here & there can make a difference. Yes, we played the National champion close, but this would’ve been a much better seasons ending if we’d not gotten hosed by the refs(which was noted by a lot of national media outlets) & advanced to the Sweet 16.
Point taken on how well we played & I’m proud of our team’s grit this year in making us relevant again.