We would battle for the Sunbelt cellar

Yessir. We would be slumming with the Georgia States, Coastal Carolinas and other bottom feeders of that light weight league. How does a program with our resources field such a bloody awful team? Would we win the Southland conference? Make the FCS playoffs? Doubtful. Very doubtful. Perhaps we would be a D-2 powerhouse. I would still rather avoid the SAU’s and Hardings though.

This is the same bunch that beat the worst team in the Sunbelt 10 months ago by one measley point…just saying.

It’s hard to say we’d beat anyone right now.

I do not understand why. I really don’t. I know we’re bereft of talent, but I can’t believe we are so short of talent that we can’t even hang with teams like UNT or CSU. It’s obvious we’re very poorly equipped at QB, but there’s no reason to have kept Kelley in the game while he was limping. That interception is on the coaches.