We won a real ugly one tonight. Worst officiated game ever.....................

…but we had some seniors mouthing off to the refs and displaying a real immature attitude problem.

We won a game when jacking up threes wasn’t working so well, but we found a way to win. We don’t appear to have any guards who want to make the team better, they just seem to want to make THEIR stats better. If they aren’t hot, we ain’t got much going for us.

Those guards played some of the best defense in the second half I’ve ever seen them play. That doesn’t show up on the stat sheet. They were awesome.

You seem to be struggling the way this team has been. Stop thinking about our offense. It’s all about the defense. When it improves, we will be a high, high level team.

Okie Lite made five baskets in the second half. Total. Three in the last 19 minutes.

Defense wins. Simple as that. Is there a rule that AR cannot play defense until the second half?

Our guards played good defense, we didn’t shoot great and OSU was not an easy team to score on. It’s that simple.

Hogmodo, I agree about mouthing off at the refs .Barford and Beard need to keep their mouths shut. Its a wonder that Beard didn’t get a T

Barford taking too much? No way that was a technical. Barford is one of the quietest guys on floor.

First he didn’t even touch the guy on the foul, and he was walking away not even looking at ref when he got tee’d up.

Seen way worse.

If anyone could have gotten a technical, it was the ok state player talking smack to beard all night.

I’m with you on this one. I don’t think Barford was doing anything worth getting a T at that point. Barford is pretty quiet most of the time. With such bad refs he could have gotten T’s on his 2 early threes when he pointed in the defenders direction with a ref standing right there. The refs have been really had this year and our AD needs to raise hell about it. Sankey was in the building and I hope we talked to him about that.

Were they SEC refs or little 12 refs? I though home school used other conferences officials. May be misremembering

SEC Probably part of the problem. For whatever reason, Allen seems to have it for the Hogs.

I agree. Barford dishes out and takes a ton of punishment and rarely says anything. I thought his initial reaction was celebrating what he thought was an offensive foul and then when he saw it wasn’t he said something walking away and the ref had rabbit ears.

It just makes no sense to start calling every little thing because a guy has been talking smack but then let that guy continue to do it even after you’ve Teed someone.

It was an abysmal effort by the refs.

That’s Pat Adams making sure he tried to give Okie Lite the W. players need to keep their mouths closed and only talk to teammates. There were several horrible calls it reminded me of the MooU game.
The SEC head man was in attendance so our AD should have stated his case to him.

The Hogs played hard and overcame the refs. All those video reviews at the end were brutal.