WE WIN!!!!!

What an effort tonight!!!
Wow! Just WOW!!!


So Happy for the team. How ‘bout them HOGS

Woo Pig Ssoooeeey!

Extra sweet to stop their streak on their floor. :sunglasses:

The refs are going to have a lot to answer for when they try to explain they did
everything they could to get LSU the win but came up short. They can always say
well we can’t put the ball through the net for them. They did neutralize Gafford
and Harris as much as possible. Blatantly biased beyond words. I am amazed we
managed to pull out the win. Huge win for this young team.

Big win going forward! I’ve said for a while that confidence seems to be one of the biggest issues. Well, after tonight, confidence better not be an issue again. Our young men played against 8 opponents tonight and found a way to win. BIG WIN!!!

Also, Indiana beat #6 Michigan State tonight, so our NET rating should go up pretty good after tonight.