We will win 1 more game playing like we did today

Awful, no defense

Today was bad. Only person to blame is in the mirror. It was bad from the coaches down. WE won’t win any games if we play like that. Flush, rinse, start over. CSP and both OCs need to take longer walks this week.

Auburn isn’t bad. They have a massive O line and a competent QB and good RBs. Always have a good D. UAPB is a done deal, as is Bama. MSU will be high scoring. Their QB might not last until they meet us. LSU is mystifying. As is Florida. Who knows? We should take Mizoo. They’re a mess. Basically, LSU, MSU, and Missouri are all certainly winnable, with only Missouri the only one I would be surprised if we lose. Catalon turned out to be co-MVP.

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