“We will not win at all costs”

Boy does that ring true. It sure seems we are willing to lose at all costs. I’m not sure who elects the BOT, but I’m not confident based on their collective resumes they gave any business recommending a head coach. On the other hand it’s a shame that a large check buys you self interest.

I could be wrong on all accounts, but it would be nice if the university leadership and chief donors had the fans in mind for a change.

Our AD has proven to be a good leader. Let him work.

Trustees are appointed to 10-year terms by the governor. Right now there are five who were appointed by Mike Beebe and five by Asa Hutchinson.

You’re focusing on one sport and ignoring the whole. AD’s, with BOT approval, have made good hires in other sports.

Again, too many fans are being very narrow minded about this search and not seeing the whole picture.

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Add all of those sports up, do they equal the football revenue?

Thanks for proving my point.

Unfortunately, it’s you not seeing the point. Do you think the other sports are going to fund themselves? Only men’s basketball and baseball operate in the black,

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The picture when it’s comes to football don’t look very good at all! The AD needs to do his job and the BOT should keep their nose out of his business.

The Razorback Foundation should be the ones having input that’s where most of the cash comes from that pays coaches.

This is just another bad day for Hogs football!

Again, you missed my point completely to come to a conclusion that isn’t there.

I agree, but again, there are other factors with funds, perception, and talent that are working against us that some don’t want to recognize.

What? You’re incredibly confusing. I did anything but prove it.

I said all of those other sports added, essentially do not even equal the sole revenue from Football.

The other sports don’t matter, when you have a top 15 grossing football team. You need to fix the money maker.

When I said some were being to narrow minded on this discussion of the future coach.

Nothing I said had anything to do with revenue of the other sports, yet two of you went right to that topic as some trump card that had nothing to do with what I said.


I see… I guess

You need to take the “at all costs” off that.


I am just glad that Jeff Long made football,fun again!