We will Catch a Little Heat Nationally

It happened when Kendal was hired at Houston, it followed him to FAU and to Florida St., and it will follow him here. It’s not unreasonable to expect that the events at Baylor will follow him to every coaching job he ever has, due to his last name. Of course, the comment he made that surfaced in the Title IX lawsuit will not help.

Title IX at public universities is a HUGE deal, because Title IX lawsuits have mushroomed over the last few years. Litigation expenses from Title IX claims are quickly becoming the biggest risk factor for public universities. Knowing that gives me a comfort level that Kendal was properly vetted before being offered a job at UA. Wouldn’t surprise me if this hire had to be passed off on by UA’s General Counsel.

It will be interesting to see how UA responds to any backlash, if they do, and if any backlash comes from within our borders.

Could care less,what he said was nowhere near what others have done!! Stoked to have him!!


Damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

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Title 9 is another example of government run amuck.

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Total misrepresentation of title 9 Southpaw. What happened at Baylor under Starr and Art Briles was alledged sexual assault and an administration which attempted to cover it up. This has nothing to do with the intent of Title 9. Suggest you read Title 9 in its totally prior to making comments of this nature.


Perhaps not originally. However, the Clery Act, the Violence Against Women Act, and the Campus SaVE Act have changed that. The scope of gender discrimination has now been expanded to include sexual assault, domestic abuse, dating violence, and stalking.

Yes inghog, the intent was wonderful, the side effects such as elimination of men’s sports like swimming, soccer and wrestling is sad.

The fact that womens’ Hoops, Track, and Softball has more scholarships than their male counterparts is ridiculous.

BTW, I’m not going to debate it. The original poster probably didn’t want this to go in a legal direction.

Point accepted but my initial reaction remains the same. Alledged sexual assault and efforts by administrators to cover it up is not acceptable and if that is government intervention running amok so be it.

Just elated to have him. Kudos to Pittman for having enough guts to recommend him and to HY for approving the recommendation. Both men did so knowing they would be criticized and I am super happy and appreciative of both men.

I have no idea if Kendal was involved or not but what I do know is that everyone should be innocent until some type of evidence proves otherwise. That thing was investigated by campus people, local and state law enforcement including the Texas Rangers and Kendal was never suspended or reprimanded. In fact he has had no problem getting three different jobs since Baylor and in all three of those jobs there has not been one incident. He moved from one job on his on free will to accept the Houston job and he was let go without cause at Houston and at FSU simply because the head coaches got fired. Arkansas is is 4th place to work after Baylor and these uninformed talking heads make comments suggesting he has had a problem at each place when in fact he has done nothing wrong but to be on a staff where the head coach got fired.

No backlash from me; I think Briles is the perfect hire for our OC needs.

Frankly, I’ve always thought the “Baylor” problems would not have been treated so specially if they occurred at UT, but they occurred at a religiously affiliated university - sort of making the sins worse - and requiring heads to fall.

But, all that’s already long ago. Pretty good timing, now, for our Hogs…

Brenda Tracy, the national campaigner against tolerance of sexual assault by athletes, has already taken note of the hire, and not in a positive way. Which was completely expectable.

For the record no one is defending sexual assault or any other related Title IX violation. What I am defending is that an allegation does not make someone guilty.

it does if one has an agenda to push on others…and that’s as political as i’ll go

We can debate all day long, Title X, Y, Z, etc. along with the accusations and assumptions of a situation that took place years ago at another program. Along with the presumed backlash the UofA may or may not absorb.
Not gonna let that rain on my parade.
WPS! Is it time for spring practice yet.

We will catch some heat, but it seems to me that if anybody is going to be on their Ps and Qs regarding recruitment and oversight now, it will be Kendal Briles.

I agree. KB has lived under a microscope for the last three years, and I have neither read or heard of any issues during that time. It is possible that he learned from what happened at Baylor and his involvement in it, even if that was just limited to a comment to a recruit.

No it’s not, and here’s why. Title IX requires proportional opportunity for men and women. Current opportunity is NOT proportional, because we have 85 men on football scholarship and nothing within the same area code for women. Giving Mike Neighbors two more scholies than Eric Musselman is a feeble attempt at making up the difference, and women generally have more sports than men (at UA it’s 7 for men, 12 for women) but the number of male Hogs is still way more than the number of female Hogs. The number of scholarships available for our men’s sports is about 131 (partial scholarships in everything but football and basketball), to 111 for women,

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SwineFusion, Who says women can’t pay football?

If you are insinuating it, you could be labeled a sexist.

Whoa Daddy! We couldn’t ask for a better football staff. Boyd is coming back. I feel much better about Razorback football.

Has she been as vocal with his previous hirings? While I do not condone misdeeds and bad behavior, we seem to have a lot of people comfortable with rendering guilt without due process. It seems that at Baylor during this awful time there was a culture of sweeping it under the carpet, so many get linked regardless of the level of involvement. Since I do not know the full details, I cannot assume to know whether Kendall deserves the stain on his name, or if he is just stained by being in the line of fire.