"We were one play away from winning the game"

What did the Mississippi State QB mean by that? If he meant the final failed FG attempt, he can’t add, that would only have tied the game. Did he mean one play in general in the course of the game? Did he mean he thought they would have won in overtime? Did he mean if they did not attempt the FG, and instead took a shot at the end zone, they were one play away from scoring a TD and winning the game?

He meant “we need a new kicker”!


Math is not always taught or understand as well in the Magnolia State.

In defense of kid, he was frustrated with not getting a chance to win game which I am sure he felt they would in OT given how they were moving ball in fourth quarter. But again, it came down to one or two kickers and he had to know how they were before they tried the kick.

Rationalization. Pure and simple. Applies to every close game.

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He may have meant the defense. Get the stop on fourth down (instead of penalty) and game was over.


The stop on fourth down
That’s what I took it as

And it was true

We don’t get a PI at the end the first half and I don’t think it is ever a ball game. We can talk about lots of “one plays” as well.


If he was referring to the play on 4th down where the ref cited an MSU player for holding Burks, that makes sense, they were indeed a play away. Nice that we finally got a call, and it could not have been in a more crucial situation. And we won a game with better FG kicking? When have we been able to thank the refs AND our FG kicker for a victory? What kind of parallel universe were we living in?

It’s hard to say, because he didn’t necessarily have to have ONE specific play in mind for his statement to be true.

In a one-score game, there are often MANY individual plays that could have likely changed the outcome.

This was one of those 50/50 games where everything that didn’t go right was magnified for both teams. They missed 3 fg’s and we cost ourselves points and allowed them to keep drives alive with stupid penalties. Yeah, they could have won, but we could also have won by a wider margin. We’ve lost a few maddening games to them over the years. FG’s have figured prominently in at least a couple of them. It is good to have one of these go our way.

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To the victors go the spoils. To the losers, it’s about a bad call or a missed field goal and the other what ifs. That’s the plight of SEC football. As someone told me once, every day somebody is going to win and somebody is going to lose. Only thing that matters: just win baby and let the other side cry all the way home.

Sky looks blue today at Norfork. The colors just look brighter after a victory. I may even see if the trout are biting in a couple of hours, after I see the final page proofs of a fun magazine.


Well…we did win the game…but before it got all dramatic…WE were one play from really pulling away. We hold them when they went for it on 4th down from inside their own 40…we might have just blown it open.

One thing I tire of is how most teams don’t give the team that beat them credit. One thing I love about Sam is he is so careful to always laud the opposing team. One thing I have learned as I grow older…and this is true in all walks of life…honesty and kindness do eventually pay off.


Yeah we had a chance to bring him down short of the line on that fourth down but IIRC he threw in a spin move and got the extra yardage for the first down.

Agree with Clay, I’m sure he meant that very questionable 4th down penalty. Glad we got that call, but if it was in reverse we’d all be pissed off

He should be glad he was not the QB for Ark last year when we played Auburn. One play that went against us then but not yesterday.

They had so many gifts from the officials it looked like an early Christmas. They got away with many a hold on their OL. The PI just before the end of the first half was a 50-50 call. We connect on our first play of the game and the direction of this game would have been heavily in our favor. We could well have scored 21 or 24 in that first half.


Ole Rodgers was chirping at our bench on the sideline after the TD just before the half. Classy guy.

I was on the MSU zoom.

It came on a question where the the holding call was brought up.

Had he continued his route and received the pass, Burks, being Burks might have reached the end zone.

Glad it didn’t happen that way. We scored with nearly too much time on the clock as it was.