“We were hoping to get the official’s call”

Staking the game on an official’s call? The play had been practiced with Nance but he got hurt on the previous play so why would it be tried with Pettway? Why not go with a different play? Great guy but he frustrates the saints.

The problems that jump out to me on that strategy:

  1. Apparently Nance had practiced the play - Pettway had not?
  2. Looking for a ref to make a call with the game on the line?
  3. Looking for Mark Curles crew to make a call favorable to the Hogs?
  4. Why risk a long pass when only 3 yards needed?

A moot point now. Change is in the air.

2 plays to gain 3 yards and that is what they came up with? Kind of makes me wonder if this game was lost the second Cole Kelly’s car ran over that curb.

I don’t think he meant they went into the play hoping for an officials call.

He meant they hoped to get the call the way it played out.

And I agree.

Theee are plenty of things to gripe about, but you’re reaching on that statement.

I did not mind having that throw as an option if open, but you need some 3 yd plays. It seemed to me that I saw the back drift out to the left with 3 yds open. At least that gives you a chance. I only saw that replay once, so could have been mistaken. Anyway, the number one goal there is to make 3.1 yds. They had 2 downs to do it, and ran two crazy plays probably because the Oline could not block MSU as they have not blocked anybody all season (or last).

The more I watch this team, the more I think we have players not executing properly. I dont know if it is because the system is too complex or what, but I don’t believe for a minute that Enos is so incompetent that he cannot call a good play. it also could be AA is not checking out of a bad play at the line.

I don’t know if anyone can understand what he means in most cases. You certainly can’t know what he meant and neither do I. Just listen to his interviews and that is obvious to the most casual observer. So, he goes with a low percentage play to a substitute receiver, then hopes to get the call from Marc Curles crew? I’m not griping…he is gone and I never expected to win the game anyway. MSU coming in flat was the only reason it was close. Even with that, I expected us to find a way to lose, even in a close game. I guess I should have posted that I was proud we didn’t get blown out again.