We were a lot more physical today

It helped that we were playing a bad defense. But we also ran well and laid some wood. Hjalte mauled some people. I counted 6-7 times they had to have guys scraped off of the field and we trucked them a handful of times.

The OL mostly protected Kelley down the stretch. The DL even got a push, late.

It clearly took a toll on OM. Beating them is fun. They have to really be sick of us.

They may be sick of us but I’m sick of getting beat by Texas A&M, LSU, Bama and Auburn. So I know how they feel.
The players showed some heart on defense and the defense was what won this game. It’s nice to see a team give the hogs a win the same way we have given games away in the past.
The second half today the hogs showed some guts! I’m happy for the players.
Maybe they can come out against LSU in 2 weeks and compete.

I agree but we have held our own with LSU and AU, mostly. AU has drilled us the last few years but that has mostly been a competitive series. We have done well against LSU compared to most of the SEC.

The TAMU one kills me. We’ve had them on the ropes time and again.

A&M bothers me too, but they have a history of being quite good early in the season then falling apart. They have tons of talent and can’t keep it motivated for a whole season. We catch them when they are world beaters.

We need to start faster at beginning of the year to overcome the TAM outcomes. If we had played them at the end of the season the past five years, we would have been the better team. Still we have to learn how to finish off teams and as Ole Miss showed yesterday, it is not easy to win in this league. Cannot stop playing every down or give other team penalties and turnovers and expect to overcome them consistently.

I live in Mississippi and it really makes church and the following week a lot more fun when the Hogs win. In our local paper this a.m., an Ole Miss defensive lineman said, “They (Arkansas) always play dirty, so we knew we would have to play nasty.” Does Arkansas have any kind of reputation for “dirty play” or is this just some more Ole Miss B.S.?

Would not take it too seriously, I sat among Ole Miss fans and they thought we held or interfered on every play. The only fans I have seen as whiney are the Kentucky basketball fans, who could be 50 points ahead and they are crying with the officials. The best example I can give about the Hotty Toddy pretenders was when yesterday the stadium announcer says Ole Miss runs the ball to the Arkansas 32 or 33 yard line, then corrects himself by saying, make that the Arkansas 33. This scientific rocket screams out, sure always give Arkansas the call. He was serious!

i have heard more of the dirty play talk since beilema arrived. not so much this year though

i am not sure how much more physical we were vs ole miss.

it was a bad game between two bad teams that were not playing well.

it was a great win but ole miss couldnt have done more to give us the game had they actually tried to

the real true bright spot was the four FG to win it

was a great win
no doubt
olemiss had as much to do with it as we did

I don’t believe that whiney crap about us playing dirty. Sounds like a lousy excuse for losing to us 4 years in a row. Another reason I hate Ole Miss.

People that was a bad Ole Miss team. Let’s not overreact.

It being a bad game between 2 bad teams doesn’t change that we were more physical. Frojoholdt was leveling people. Several of their guys had to be peeled off the turf.
We ran for almost 300 yards.

Bad teams? Yes. More physical? Yes.

There’s been times this year and in the last 4 seasons that the hogs would not get up off the mat to fight to take advantage of chances they did take yeasterday.
This could help the defense. Also the more snaps Kelly takes this year the better off we will be next year. We will know in the LSU and Mississippi State games if the fight is back in this team.
I just want to see them compete. No more blow outs.

-We were more physical than OM and it showed with how many of their players had to go to the sidelines.
-We need Gooden for the Dline, more LB’s and some safeties to be more physical on D
-Our defense made adjustments that were productive for the first time. Big plays and lack of depth are killing us. Our LB’s are playing way too many snaps.
-This Oline is more physical and athletic. This oline group has some size but finally got a mean streak at Oxford.
-This Oline may have been motivated by the shock of losing Ragnow because I saw a fire in those guys that hasn’t been there.
-CK getting beat up changed the narrative that AA was a BIG part of the problem. I would be embarassed if I was the OLine after watching CK take a beating at 270 lbs.
-We need CK to get as many snaps as possible because there was a strong concern that we would really suffer after AA graduated.
-It is obvious CK is solid and provides hope for the future with his 3 games.