We were 68th in NET ranking this morning

LSU was 16th. That 68th is gonna bump up a bit now. You want a signature win, this is a pretty good one.

And Indiana is leading Michigan State late in overtime at East Lansing. Beating Sparty on the road would make our win over IU look that much better.

Yes on both

Hoosiers won 79-75

That ended a seven-game losing streak for Indiana.

I’ve been watching the NET and the RPI to see if there is a big difference. AR’s Net rating has been about 10 spots ahead of the RPI. They just jumped from 78 to 60 in RPI. I believe their NET was 68th before the game. If the Net follows what I’ve noticed it should put us right around 50. Two winnable road games and a home game vs Mistake might get us into the Top 40. I think that’s where will need to be on Selection Sunday

The hogs need to beat Vandy at home Tuesday night and beat S. Carolina in Columbia next Saturday. When these next 2 games are in the books we will have an idea of which direction the season is headed.
I suspect even with this win today we climb any higher than 50 in the net rankings.
The hogs need to keep winning.
Tomorrow morning we will see where we stand in the NET!

Pomeroy has updated tonight and we’re 49th now. Our offensive rating is 88th and defense is 43rd. And our luck rating is miserable (268th), which is why we’re not like 17-4 instead of 13-8. LSU is still 23rd in Pomeroy after the loss

57th, just now updated, really thought it would be higher. LSU dropped from 16 to 19. So it’s a great win

We are 4th in the NET among teams with 4 home losses. It’s those first 2 home losses that are still holding us back. I’m not really up on the “NET”. Does it add any points for how a team is “currently” playing vs early season poor play? It seems to me that has always been missing from these ratings, especially for really young teams that tend to improve as the season goes on.

Jumped 11 spots, that’s pretty good considering where we are in the season, you’re not going to get any 20 spot jumps after 1 game anymore, too many games have been played. We just need to keep winning and slowly keep climbing. You want to get into the lower 40s to really feel good about making the tournament. This next 3 game stretch is going to be huge, I think winning 2 of these 3 will probably get us in the upper 40s/lower 50s and probably get us some recognition on some brackets. Win 3 of 3 and definitely should be considered strongly in the field.

I’m not really up to date on the NET either, but the “new” worksheets for the Selection Committee are supposed to take a lot of that in account. It also counts quadrant wins and losses (quadrant 4 is horrible, quadrant one is great).

Looking at our last 10 games, we have five games against Top 50 NET teams (3 home, 2 road) and five games against teams NET 84-105. In my opinion to get selected we HAVE to win the five against 84-105 (3 road, 2 home) and we should win the three home Top 50. Winning at KY or AUB might make up for a stumble, but I really wouldn’t want to chance it. I’m thinking we need to go 8-2 down the stretch, and avoid a bad loss in the first SECT game.

Again, JMO

I kinda like the end of the season schedule. The only game I look at and think we WILL LOSE is KY. I think we have a chance in the other nine, but any stumble (loss to Vandy @ BWA) will be really bad. Of course them proving me wrong and winning at Rupp would be great

We’ve actually been playing at a fairly consistent #50-#60ish level according to the computers all year. It’s our level of competition that has varied quite a bit. We weren’t as good as we thought early because the nonconference schedule was easier than anticipated from preseason projections. We weren’t struggling as much as perceived because of a brutal stretch of the schedule. However the last four games seem to indicate that we are picking up steam.

The hogs need to improve at the free throw line! They need to avoid having the same issue next year. The shame of this season is losing games by simply not making free throws.
Those losses to Texas, WKY, Georgia Tech, LSU, Florida and Texas Tech are holding the hogs back. If they could have just won 3 or 4 of those they would be sitting in great shape.
These next 10 the only games they can afford to get beat are Kentucky and Auburn. 8-2 finish is what I think they need to have a shot at the dance.

AR has reached 20 wins 29 times. They went to 28 NCAAT and 1 NIT. So, that 20 win mark is key in my opinion. That means 7 wins in the next 11 games (10 regular season and 1 SECT). Anymore than 7 and our chances of NCAAT go way up. At 22, they’ve never missed the NCAAT.

Let me correct this: Since 1939 (1st year both the NIT and NCAAT happened) theyve won 20 games 29 times. Additionally, they’ve had six more seasons of 19 (1 NCAA, 1 NIT), but since the tournaments expanded, they’ve only missed one postseason if they’ve got 19.

So at 6-5 they’ll get to 19, that should be at least a NIT invite. Anything better and the NCAAT is definitely in play

What happened before 1975, when at-large teams were added, is irrelevant. Before '75 we had to win the SWC to get in, regardless of number of games won (and didn’t do that very much). And we were never in the NIT until the infamous ASU game in '87 when Cannon Whitby and Ron Huery saved Nolan’s bacon. But you’re correct that since '75, 19 wins gets us somewhere.

I know that we have the discussion every year about how many wins we need? I just found it interesting we may actually have a number. Will be curious how the NET works for us this year.

Nobody knows. The bracketologists are scrambling to figure this out because we don’t know how they’re going to use it. I wouldn’t think the number of wins would vary a great deal. RPI was just being gamed too much, and left out any kind of analytics, to remain valid.