"we want to have a November to remember"

Don’t worry, Coach! If you keep it up, you will definitely have a November to remember.

Yes he will, so will we one way or the other.

I’ve never got this type of post.

What’s he supposed to say - We suck and we are still going to lose?

While there are numerous things he is worthy of being criticized for, I don’t think this is one.


No, that’s not what he’s supposed to say Dudley. I’m not criticizing for what he says. I’m criticizing him for what he does, hence my post, “keep it up”. One should understand I’m questioning his method, not his words. I’m simply pointing out if he doesn’t change his way, he will have a November to remember.

I agree with Dudley. Posts like this seem pointless to me. CMM knows what’s at stake. We know what’s at stake. If we win 0 or 1 game in November things are going to be bad all the way around. If we win 2 or more, everyone will feel better.

The majority of the posts on this board are pointless. We aren’t fixing anything. Dudley reporting on recruiting isn’t going to make our team better.

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I disagree. The majority of posts give information, seek information, or create sensible discussion & exchanges of ideas.

And what do you do with all that information? Take it to the coach and fix his mess? Or just feel better? Or worse?

I’m a fan. I like having information about the team. If I have information, I provide it so anyone who might want it has it. I generally enjoy discussions about the team. I don’t “do” anything with information I get any more than I “do” anything with watching a game or learning the score when I can’t watch or listen.

I don’t like posts that taunt fans or belittle the program. Neither do I like posts that are pointless. But it’s not my board. You’re free to post them & I’m free to say when they’re pointless.

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I couldn’t agree with you more. You don’t like fans that belittle the program and I don’t like coaches that run it into the ground.

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Nobody likes coaches who run the program into the ground. The question is always whether a particular coach is doing that.

I thought it was already in the ground before the current coach got here… he just hasn’t dug it out of the ground yet.


If that’s the case, then criticize what he does instead of - as you say - what he says.

You are right about my writing about recruiting - it is neither meant to help or hurt Arkansas.

I wish we could have a September-October do over!

I remember September 21st.

Everybody knows that November maybe the make or break for Coach Morris. I will be in the stands on Saturday to support the coaches and kids. I will continue to support the program no matter what happens in November. I know many many others on this forum will do the same.

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We’ve been bad for so long, we could be 8-0 at this point with any coach and there would be people complaining about the coach, play calling or whatever. Just the way it is.

I seriously doubt many would complain at 8-0, but at 2-7 and loss to SJS yes!

I CLEARLY criticized what is his doing. I said, “keep it up”, i.e. keep doing what you’re doing and you will have a November to remember. I used what he said as an attention getter to get you to read my criticism for what he is doing, which is the same thing over and over that results in a loss. At least that’s what my degree in Communication taught me, though I was peering at the ladies more so than my text book.

MSU will always remember - set a school rushing record in an SEC game.

Fire Morris post haste.