We’ve matched last year’s win total

And have two much weaker opponents to play. So now I feel almost certain we’ll win 4. Unless injuries hit us hard (is Pool out?), I’m pretty confident we can get 5 and still maybe 6. We looked pretty good against a pretty good team today

I’d say we looked OK against a middle O the pack Mountain West team.Important that we got a taste of winning though. We have much improving to do before visions of bowl games dance in our heads, but it is not an impossible dream.

yes line play sucked, but we got some teeth on offense. we can play with mediocre defensive teams.

Why not just enjoy the win? Nobody thinks we’re an SEC contender. Nobody really expected us to win more than 4-6 wins this year. However, we did what we needed to do today—we beat a team we lost to last year. That CSU team isn’t a decent SEC team, but it’s better than last year’s CSU team. And we are better than last year’s UA team.

Today is not the time to point out how bad we suck in any aspect of our play. We won by 21 points. We played well on offense. We have a QB who can move the team. We haven’t done that or had that in over a year.


I’m thrilled that we appeared to be losing at home to a decent team, but then MANNED UP on O and D and finished a game strong! Haven’t seen that since Alec Collins left!


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