We sure are lucky

to have these Mike Anderson defenders around here to let us know when it’s ok to criticize the team/coach.
Otherwise, I might be concerned about the product and performances we are seeing out there lately.

Was last year very similar at this point of the season? Yes
Did we snap out of it and figure things out down the stretch? Yes
Does that mean the criticism last season when we were playing like crap was unwarranted? No
Same with the current state of the program.
There are some very troubling tendencies with Mike Anderson coached teams that are fair game. They have been discussed here ad nauseam so I won’t repeat them.

Should folks be calling for his job right now? I’d say that’s pretty premature.
But I’m not seeing much of that.
I am seeing people concerned with trends and questioning strategies and game planning/adjustments, and Mike’s ability to get it done consistently now and long term.

And then the same people over and over showing up telling them how ridiculous it is to question him because of last year’s turnaround etc…

I’m sure you guys will let us know when it’s ok to be concerned.
I’m curious. When will that be?
If we miss the tourney this year?
What about next?
What if he doesn’t get this team back on board, and then has a teamful of freshmen next season?
What is the threshold for you guys that mock the “haters” and “doubters”.
I’m not a hater at all, but am admittedly starting to doubt a bit.
I want CMA to succeed. I think everyone here does.
I don’t think this really about agendas at all.
Just putting a solid, consistent basketball team on the court.

You guys seem pretty certain that the talent is in place to make the dance, and that Mike will be able to pull these guys together to get it done?
What if he doesn’t?
And why are we having to even have this conversation two years in a row?
Yes finished strong last year and certainly got robbed from a sweet sixteen if not better.
But if that team was capable of that kind of run, how were things looking so bleak so far into last season?
And why is this team, one that many have said is so talented (though I would tend to disagree), struggling so mightily to execute the type of basketball that Mike wants to play?

What are you guys’ thoughts on these patterns of underperformance?


Equally lucky to have a full complement of people who disappear when we win but crawl out from under the bridge to spew junk when we lose.

I’m not one of those to which you refer.
I’m here win or lose.

But your response does not address the issue at hand or any of the questions.
Seriously, not stirring the pot…

When is it ok to get concerned?
Why does he have trouble keeping his teams’ attention?

I have been concerned from the day MA was hired. There was a great feeling of euphoria over getting some excitement back in the program, but I couldn’t escape the nagging concern over whether that style could be successful at the highest level anymore. Rules changes and officiating norms make this a different game than it was in 1994.

And understand, I want and expect a program that competes for national championships. So that is the level I am talking about. Right now, what we have is a good basketball program but not a perennially great one.

I just do not think that our style and philosophy can win at the highest level. We do not play fundamentally sound basketball. If a team has guards who can protect the basketball, and can hit open threes, they will eat us alive. We can not stop dribble penetration. We are constantly out of position for rebounds because we are always chasing the ball. I know there is this fascination with being different from everyone else, but maybe there’s a reason no one else plays the way we do. And before anyone fires back on that, opponent coaches are the ones who have stated that we don’t play “like anyone else”.

I remember Nolan famously saying he never worried about his opponent, he was only concerned about how his team performed, because he knew if they played as well as capable, they could not be beaten. He implied that he did no game planning for a particular opponent. Don’t know for sure, but that seems to be Mike’s approach as well. Beacause we keep playing the same way and are getting beat the same way.

We should not be waiting for the guys to pull it together to make a late season run. Not with six seniors and in year seven of the regime. We keep falling back into very bad lack of fundamentals, and I can only surmise it is because they are not stressed by coaches.

And as for criticizing when losing and being silent when winning, I don’t think that is abnormal at all. Because we are not winning at a consistent enough clip to ever feel comfortable that the other shoe is not going to drop. The maddening inconsistency always leaves a huge doubt even when winning.

So we are really stuck in mediocrity. Mike will win enough and create enough excitement in stretches to keep us hoping, and keep his job. But we are not showing any signs of progressing to another leel.

I’ve never heard of you. You only have 66 posts and been registered since June 2016. And 8 of those posts are over the past few days complaining about our struggles. Clearly you can see how some may interpret that the wrong way and not take you seriously.

I think the problem some people have, including myself, is you guys will flood the forums with negative crap, like this topic, then when we’re winning you guys are away at your cabins, busy with work, or whatever else excuse I’ve seen from people why they don’t post while we win. There’s several guys I disagree with all the time that are very critical of the coach Anderson. Being critical is not the problem, it actually makes for good conversations. I’ve been critical of his rotations over the years myself. The difference is we are here year round and post good or bad, guys that only post during the bad lose all credibility then get mad when they get called out on it, and claim they’ve been here the whole time like you, when we can easily see your post history lol. And I understand everybody can’t post all the time, but don’t make every time you find time to post, be about something negative. Nobody wants to hear that.

I’ve never heard of you. You only have 66 posts and been registered since June 2016

Just so I’m clear… it’s the number of posts that make your opinion/post valid or at least worthy and not the opinion/post itself? I, like this poster have been on these boards for years, rarely post but always on. Recently changed my ID due to change in email. I’ve recently retired so now I have time to be more involved. But, as has been said on this board recently, there are about 10 or 12 of you that seem to want to control and somehow have determined who can/should post. This is yet another example of what’s wrong with HI and this board. An open exchange of ideas, debate of the issues is not really desired or accepted here apparently. I understand the ones that are the “fire the coach” types every time we lose but this was a legitimate post asking for thoughts etc… to immediately go to attack mode seems both childish and fearful of the questions asked. And, before you start, I’m a CMA fan… want nothing more than for him to succeed. So… fire away… my post count is low as well.

you guys are really becoming broken records on this topic.

I need Swine’s beating a dead horse emoji.

You have both tried to derail the OP. And you’ve both used the same technique you use on essentially ANYONE who posts ANYTHING not positive about CMA.

But lots of us have concerns about Mike’s coaching, I think very legitimate concerns. That doesn’t mean that we don’t want the hogs to win every game, doesn’t mean that we want the coach fired.

But it’s fair to ask why a senior-led team with an NBA forward on it, can suck this bad. why we defend so oddly with the crazy switches and no adjustments in style despite 1000’s of foul calls and no production from our defense.

It’s fair to worry about year 7 of a program struggling like this.

Lots of us remember the glory days, and want a relevant program again, one that goes to sweet 16’s regularly and runs to final four periodically. we are just no where near that. I would really like to see our program good again, and it would be great if Mike could be the coach to do it.

But that is not what we are watching, once again. getting smoked repeatedly once again. teams shoot tremendous 3pt % against us again. lots and lots of fouls again.

those are fair points to make, aren’t they? am I a bad person to want my favorite team to do well?

I really struggle to explain your behavior, maybe MIke is family to you, or maybe you feel overly protective of our coach and program but everyone on this site is a hog fan. we all want the hogs to do well.

why are you 2 so combative? why do you get so mad if someone only posts after losses and not after wins? how do you even keep track of that stuff?


I didn’t say post count mattered. I’ve seen people have their first post and it was great insight and a great post. Re-read what I said to the OP. He stated he’s around all the time win or lose. Yet, if you check his post history he has very few posts and the vast majority of his posts are during down times in both major sports and they are mostly negative posts. What he said was not true, and I called it out. If you see someone in real life, and every time you see them they are complaining about something, do you want to be around that person and listen to them complain all the time?

Me personally I’d have more respect for a poster like the OP, if they said, “Hey I don’t post that much, but I want to share some of my concerns with the basketball team.” Then they put their thoughts together backed up with some actual facts. It’s actually a guy that made a post like that complaining about PG play, admitted he doesn’t keep up with basketball that much and wanted to talk about PG play. He got several responses in that posts and it was good conversations in that thread. Nobody criticized him because he was genuine and just wanted to have a discussion about it.

This thread on the other hand, the OP starts the topic off with a smart remark taking shots at people then tries to act like the people actually trying to have a decent conversation are the problem, when nobody even knows who he is. Hence, that’s why nobody has given him a serious answer and why he got trolled in the first response. It was a joke of a post that nobody is going to take serious. You’re defending him and you didn’t even take the time to respond to his post, instead you’re trying to argue with me lol.

lol that’s funny.
Now you’ve decided that my that posts are inflammatory or somehow less relevant because you have asssesed my post count and content are not balanced enough.

Hilarious. Not that I owe you an explanation, but I changed my screen name recently due to well, hell, I can’t even remember why.
I think it was a subscription issue.
I was previously BAhawg and had over a thousand posts.
I don’t know if that meets your criteria for having an opinion or not. (Boy, I sure hope so!). Plenty of positive stuff in there but I don’t know if the ratio would meet your standards.

None of the MA defenders have yet answered my questions about when we should get concerned or be allowed to question/criticize.
Is that just kind of a year to year thing?

I will say that even through all the good and not-so good times, you are at least a 90-95% positive Mike Anderson defender/promoter.
I’m curious…
Do you think that is the grade he has earned during his time here. 90-95%??
No one wants Mike to succeed more than me, whether you believe it or not.

Let’s all hope your rubbing our noses in this by the end of the season because I am QUITE sure you will be if we turn it around.
And that’s fine. To each his/her own.

Not particularly an MA defender, but I’ll answer with how about we worry at the end of the year? Obviously he is not going to be fired mid-season, so worrying or complaining now really doesn’t serve much of a purpose anyway. Unless it’s just to vent, which I guess must be the OP’s intention. I get that, I used to do it, too. But after going back a few times and re-reading my in-game posts a few days later, I realized how silly I sounded and quit doing it.

I didn’t say there was a post requirement. As I stated to SDHog, you could have 1 post and it’s a productive post. I don’t know about your past accounts, but briefly looking at the post history of GoPigorGoHome account posts have been mostly negative and condescending, as your original post here is. Hence, that’s why nobody has answered any of your questions. You want a decent response lose the know it all, condescending, negative attitude, and actually come up with a decent title and put together a decent post that isn’t trying to take jabs at people most of the way.

That’s just my advice to you, we all pay subscriptions here, you’re free to continue posting the way you do. But, when people call you out, don’t answer any of your questions, and you get trolled, don’t get mad and act like you can’t figure out why it’s happening to you, because I just told you.

There’s a lot of truth in most of this thread, but judging the writing quality or ability of the poster based on their number of posts isn’t colliding with commonsense anytime soon.

There were really only a few that I notice defend CMA regardless of circumstance or product on the court.
And try to belittle or mock any that stray from their perspective.
And they have “weighed in” here already.
Not to provide anything of substance though.

Just to explain why I don’t deserve to question him.
So yes, I actually did get the answers I was looking for. But that may be a bit hard for you to understand.

There plenty here that share my view and see some issues.
It’s all good though. We are all Hog fans and want nothing but victories to start piling up.

Have a good one fellow Hog fan!

If I see something that’s bull I call it out. Got it from my Mom, sorry. I just can’t let it ride.

And you can check my post history. Only time I call people out is when they post straight up bull that isn’t based on any facts. There’s tons of threads over the last 2 weeks guys have been complaining and I’ve said nothing about it, or some I even agreed with their concerns. I’ve called out maybe 3 or 4 guys during this slump our team has been in. And I assure you there’s been more people complaining than that. Hell, I got a post myself complaining about CMA’s love affair and playing Beard so many minutes. I complain about rotations and starting lineups all the time. So, don’t try to group me, with all I do is defend Coach Anderson. I don’t like losing 4 or 5 as much as the next guy, I wanna see them win. But at the same time, I try to be level headed and realize we’re still in decent shape to make the tournament and there’s time to turn it around.

What I don’t like is posts like the OP made. He knew what he was doing with the title and the condescending shots he was trying to take at other posters. This thread was never going to be productive, let’s be honest. So, don’t try to act like we derailed a good thread. It never had a chance. What’s ironic to me is, you’re the second guy that’s defending the OP, why are you guys more worried about what I’m saying to him, instead of answering his questions? Nobody has answered a single question in his post. Me personally if somebody has a good post on something I agree with, I respond to that before anything else and try to keep a good conversation going. So, before criticizing my posting any further. I’d like to see you guys at least answer the OPs questions, to confirm you even read his post. Because if you guys are defending him, and won’t even read his post, then how are you going to criticize me for saying he’s just trolling and looking for an argument.

In early September I’m going to start a hundred post on the Football Forum calling out posters as Morris defenders…

And if you’re somehow defensive I’ll point out how unfair you are to me.

See how this is turning out???

Year 1 vs year 7??

It seems we have folks here that want some of the initial questions answered. I can give you some opinions from a true read more post less 50+ year Hog Fan.

I thought Mike was a great hire. I also knew what we were getting. He had a mess to clean up when he got here no doubt. He has done it without a losing season. He has also had only 1 season without double digit losses and he had 9 that year. That made exactly 3 years without double digit losses in his career. One at each stop. That’s in 15 full years. It will take a nice run to avoid it in this season, his 16th as a head coach. My opinion, yes it’s ok to question whether this is the peak or not. History says yes it is.

So let’s look at from a football perspective. If we make a bowl game 50% of the time do we keep the coach? Mike will have to make the tournament this year and next to get to 50%. Can’t count the first couple of years while we changed the culture? OK then assuming we rally and make the tourney this year that will be 60% of the last 5 years. Is that the norm? History says yes. 60% in 5 years at Mizzou. 75% in 4 years at UAB.

We can’t question a coach with such a great recruiting class coming in? John Pelphrey signed 2 excellent classes. In 4 years. 1 that was by all accounts top 15 nationally. Just had no idea what to do with them. So coming full circle do we believe Mike can take these 2 highly rated rated back to back classes and avoid double digit losses? History says no. I personally believe signing high school kids and having them 3 or 4 years is usually better than getting 2 years from Juco kids no matter how good they are. I also think this class coming in has a much better basketball IQ than some(many) of our departing seniors. Can it translate to less losses?

Bottom line for me(opinion coming), I like Mike. When Hawgball is at its best there is nothing more fun to watch. However watching other teams shoot open 3’s and seeing them have a big posting our guards after a switch drives me insane. Watching us execute handoffs for 20 seconds without looking at the basket then clearing out and going one on one is hard to watch. That’s Mike. That’s what you get.

Should we be talking about firing the coach? All anyone but our new AD can give is an opinion. If it was me and I thought I could bring in a young Bill Self(Mike White?) I would consider it. Until then I am looking for that elusive 26-8 season that ends up Sweet Sixteen or better. But I never stop looking for the young Bill Self.

I like Coach A. He loves the razorbacks and he wants to be here. The program is in the best shape since Nolan. Mike is not a great bench coach nor was Richardson but he is finally bringing in very gifted players. Gafford may be the most talented since Joe Johnson. If mike left I think we would struggle to bring in a top young coach. hope Mike stays

I believe Nolan was an incredibly underrated bench coach. I also believe Mike wants to be here and that the program is in the best shape since Nolan. That bar was really low though. Nolan had 13 years in the NCAA and 4 out. 2 of those 4 were NIT teams. He only missed postseason play his first and last year. He had an 8 year streak of single digit loss teams. To compare these 2 coaches does not show Mike in a favorable light. But I think a comparison is fair given the total body of work.

As for the expectations of our program, I expect more than we are getting. Different era of basketball but Coach Sutton spent 11 seasons at Arkansas. 10 single digit loss seasons, 9 trips to the tournament, which had only 32 teams in it when he started. Why throw in Sutton? He immediately preceded Nolan. We spent over 25 years playing ball at a very high level. Not a true Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA blue blood level but one very small step under them. We have the history, the money, and facilities to continue that tradition.

Mike has a questionable scheme/style of play and I have seen the wrath of some for questioning Mike’s coaching. I re-posted some of my posts from last year that show we are seeing IDENTICAL coaching failures. I like Mike and I am positive at times but will post negativity reviews as well, as you can see my my post history.

We have a serious issue with a frustrated fan base that watches program after program burst into the limelight in year 2 or 3; while we are pretty decent to somewhat good in Year 7. I remember thinking we were a serious top 25 team in December but once again the stubborn adherence to a scheme/system has blown up in our face against teams that know us/SEC.

I desperately want Mike to succeed - I like him personally and have a comfort level from his decades of history in the program. I also think that our Athletic Department doesn’t need another buy out expense. We also don’t need the racial knee jerk reaction from some in our fan base and Nationally if we were to fire Mike. The racial issues appear to have mostly gone away in our fan base so that is good. We have started to heal with Mike at the helm, but the reality is that we still have to win.

The other reality is that we used to play championship caliber ball, but now programs like UF have stolen our position in the hierarchy. Our fan base may have cleaned up the anger towards Nolan and even most racial conflicts, but we still have a MEMORY of conference championships, National Championships, and storied games like the Ark vs. Ky game being Nationally Televised on Super Bowl Sunday. We have become somewhat irrelevant and that is terrible… and Mike is not making it better. We are regularly embarrassed by teams that know us or are in our conference and know how to use Mike’s scheme/style against him. Quite simply the program has had way too many embarrassing moments with Mike at the Helm. I pray that he changes his play like last year and adapt to the new world of college BB.