We stink.....:

Nuff said…

Hard to argue otherwise. Solid observation.

Be prepared for an eight paragraph rebuttal!

This isn’t the Football forum…

Our team does NOT stink. Some posters on this board sure do.

does it even matter…


Love our players hate our situation.

We don’t stink. We’re a mediocre team that would have many more wins if we played in most leagues. We’re not where I want us to be & I’m terribly disappointed in this season, but we don’t “stink.” Out of 350 or so D1 teams, we’re probably 50th-60th. Nothing any hog fan should like, but hardly embarrassing.

Our NET ranking is 65th. That’s probably about right, out of 353 D-I teams. Not where we want to be. If we could hit clutch free throws, we’d probably be about 40th and our name would have been called a couple of hours earlier tonight, but we can’t and we weren’t.