We shoulda scheduled Kent State instead of Texas

Golden Flashes win in Austin by 5

Kent State had an RPI of 290. And in their conference outside of Akron, everyone has a 190+ RPI. So their RPI is going to end being 200+. Texas on the other hand, while they have been very inconsistent early and Kent State is a bad loss, their RPI is 128, probably drops to 150s after this loss. However they are in the Big 12, highest RPI in the conference is Oklahoma at 153. All but 2 have top 100 RPIs. If they only win a few games in conference, they will still probably end up being a sub 150 RPI team worst case scenario.

But my thoughts looking at their roster and coach is they will figure it out and upset some teams in Big 12, and at least finish with a sub 100 RPI. Which will be good for us, but we would have liked it to been better considering they are Texas.

He was just trying to be clever. It just wasn’t very clever.

Yea, I know he was being sarcastic. But, our non-conference SOS has been a huge discussion over the past couple months and I’m sure there will be some out there reading wanting to use this loss as ammo to say it’s weak, which this is a bad loss for Texas, but not end of world their RPI will still be decent for the simple fact they are in the Big 12.

Also Minnesota, just lost at home in OT to a Michigan State team that had been struggling this year. Not a good night for our RPI. Both Texas and Minnesota should have won tonight.

Well… our RPI on live-rpi.com is exactly where it was (23rd) before those two games. So it didn’t hurt us too much. We’ll see what the NCAA says when they update in the morning.

I see one reason for the discrepancy between live-rpi.com and the NCAA list. Live-rpi doesn’t list any neutral site games for us; Texas is listed as a road game, Sam Houston as a home game. The NCAA has both as neutral site games. Which makes a difference in RPI calculations.

So how damaging was playing the Landers Automotive Group to South Carolina’s RPI last night? Lander? Seriously, I’ve never heard of them.

Are we really depending on SOS. I mean my gosh. Go win your freaking games left on your schedule and you’ll be fine. MA NEVER talks to his players about SOS. You know why? Because he wants to be a winner. Half the folks on here talking about RPI sound like a bunch of losers. Why? Because you are saying we may not win very many games and need a good SOS and RPI to get in the tourney. It’s obnoxious. Stop thinking like a bunch of losers and start thinking like winners. Winners don’t care about RPI. And if you respond to this by talking about the last 10 years, then you have confirmed that you are still thinking like a loser. Don’t be a loser.

RPI could be the difference between a 4 seed and an 8 seed. It’s fun to talk about and our discussion has zero bearing on outcomes on the court.

Now, I’ll shrink back into my loser corner and pray I’m not admonished too greatly.

Yep, just win baby, then SOS, RPI, FBI, or CIA lol, isn’t part of the equation.

Time to be talking strictly about SEC standings and hose top 25 polls. Let’s get Barford going. He is our best bet to stop kevaughn and the monk kid. All we do is win.

I don’t know if you know this or not, but we are fans not players. Us discussing RPI on a discussion board, has absolutely no bearing at all on whether the players win or not. Also, I don’t know how much you actually watch college basketball, but one of the main discussions that will happen all year long is about RPI/SOS and where your team is currently projected to be in the tournament, that’s the fun of college basketball, everybody loves to make predictions and talk about tournament. Almost every single game you watch on TV will at some point have the announcers discussing the team’s current positioning to make the tournament, and as we get closer to march they will talk about it even more. If that bothers you to the point to where you’re coming on a message board calling people losers, then I would recommend avoiding watching college basketball, because it’s going to be talked about.

Lander is a D2 school, so it doesn’t affect RPI in any way. Only D1 teams can affect your RPI. So, it was basically an exhibition game for South Carolina.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. I guarantee you that fans at Duke, Kentucky, etc. look at their RPI plenty, because it helps decide whether they wind up as a 1 seed or a 2 when the bracket comes out. And I know this because I was looking at RPI on a regular basis 22-23 years ago when we were ranked in the top 10, for just that reason (it was a lot harder then, without all these RPI-based websites). They’re going to get into the Dance regardless, but RPI and SOS absolutely matter. I happen to think we’ll be safely in the field as well, but again it will greatly affect our seeding when the time comes.

Speaking of those two topics, it is true that the Chickens playing Lander last night does not show up on the SoCar RPI. But it does show up on strength of schedule, and the committee will be aware of that. Frank Martin may well end up wishing he hadn’t scheduled a D-II cupcake.

As for last night’s results, we did take an RPI hit from Texas and Minny losing. Dropped from 19 to 23 on the NCAA list today (which would suggest a 6 seed if the tournament started tomorrow, speaking of its effect on seeding).

Yea, not sure the reason for them doing that, it’s absolutely no reason for a P5 school with tournament aspirations to schedule a D-2 school, it does nothing for them. Only reason I can think of is they couldn’t find another D-1 school to play on the date they needed. Which I guess that game is better than nothing if you want to keep your players in game shape over holiday season.

I’m stumped as well. They lost to Clemson on the 21st, played Lander last night, then play Tiger High in Memphis Saturday. They don’t open SEC play until the 4th at Georgia. Only thing I can think of is he didn’t want eight days off between Clemson and Memphis and Lander was all he could find to fill the space.


Yep, that’s probably it. I know Matt was saying we were having a hard time finding the final team for out schedule at one time, think they finally got Mount St. Mary’s to do it, if I remember correctly.