We should only use Hornsby as a decoy until the other folks quit -----------

------------------ totally focusing on him every time he comes in the game. The only play, so far this year, that worked when Hornsby was on the field was Rocket taking an inside handoff going the other way when Hornsby was running wide (looking like KJ was going to pitch to him) to the other side starting at the tailback position. Every reverse, reverse pass, sweep, etc. that Hornsby has touched has been a disaster.

How about him using his elite speed to run deep and force the safety over to help to open up the middle passing game or crossing routes in behind him?!?!?! Instead of desperately trying for the home run every time he walks on the field, just use him to make the overall offense better. That would be a nice change of pace for this offense.


That was what I was afraid was going to happen with him. Every defense will be aware of #4 and if the ball goes to him every time he comes on the field then that’s a tip-off and the defense is already one step ahead of you…

He will have to be on the field a lot more and not be involved to get teams to not know exactly where the ball is going when he comes on the field.

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yes use him as decoy

Maybe send him deep on a route. He might draw a CB and a safety in panic mode leaving another WR wide open going the other direction.

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This is not true. He ran once in the opener for 13 yards. Not bad. He ran once against South Carolina for 8 yards. Again, not bad. Also caught a pass against the Gamecocks for 9 yards. The plays he was in for Saturday obviously did not work. Let’s not get carried away.

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Thank you - Hornsby was contributor in first two wins with key plays on scoring drives.

he is not a fragile speedster, dude is tough. Please remember when KJ went down v A$M last year that it was Malik who stepped up and played a real QB. I agree that Briles has no success in his current usage approach and actually limits and hinders Malik. I’d prefer to see Malik in for KJ as a QB in charge of our regular (?) offense and see what happens with change of pace from KJ. Hopefully that would charge up and rejuvenate KJ.

No way in the world Arkansas is sitting KJ and bringing him in as a change-of-pace QB. Sorry.


What is Hornsby’s long-term future with the Hogs? Does that depend on whether KJ returns next year? If Hornsby is QB in waiting for next season, when does he get some game time experience?

With his speed & talent, Hornsby can’t be too happy about his limited role so far this season or with his role as a decoy. He was briefly in the portal in the off-season - perhaps due to lack of playing time.

I don’t see KJ being anything other than a late round pick if he gets drafted at all if he were to leave
He is not an NFL caliber passer and until he can prove that he can do that he will be not be a QB in high demand by the NFL. I think he will come back unless he proves he can do that the rest of this yr.Hornsby will probably transfer if KJ comes back and I wouldn’t blame him,I think he could our most dangerous WR if he were to go to it full time.

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Against Bama having additional speed deep with multiple receivers is likely an option with their deep coverage strength, Observation in the Aggie game indicated less separation on deep routes overall. KJ’s deep throws are a strength so long as we have receivers that make separation as well as aggressive pursuit of a thrown ball. Hornsby, as an additional deep receiver, would appear to draw coverage seem thereby stretching coverage. Added to this tactic is excellent protection thus sufficient time KJ is receiving. Hopefully, extending the field is part of Saturday’s game plan We know Bama will be doing this against the Razorbacks in going after our secondary rather than banging against our DLs and LBs.

Agree that KJ is probably not destined to be an NFL QB unless his passing improves significantly or if he changes positions, perhaps RB in the NFL. Reminds me of Matt Jones circumstances as a talented college running/scrambling QB but who switched to WR to play in the NFL. Assume Hornsby is not interested in being a WR for the Hogs & will remain our back-up QB until KJ decides after this season. I know it’s early but starting to look ahead.

I recall a few years ago, Florida had a back-up quarterback who would play sparingly, usually in goal-line situations, and everyone in the stadium knew he was going to get the ball (either a QB keeper or the always popular jump pass) and he was quite successful. Could we use Hornsby the way the Gators used that guy? Can’t remember his name.

KJ can play in the NFL. He has the arm and the skill.

Hornsby’s value might be more obvious when he’s really needed. If KJ goes out, Malik will be needed.

I’m glad Scottie went through the plays that have worked with Hornsby out there.

I see a lot of people who forget those and are ready to tell coaches what or what not to do. Opinions are welcome, but not everyone has bothered to look at all the data.

Every game is different. Every matchup is unique.

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Fact Check ------> TRUE :sunglasses:

Sam did say yesterday on one of the three plays MH was supposed to pitch it back to KJ…what I call a decoy.

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