We should have a edge now

It’s been a very highly contested first half between two evenly matched teams. Them losing their starting QB obviously hurts them and plays to our advantage. Was surprised to hear they are starting 4 freshman on the OL.

Am I really reading this? Highly contested against Coastal. Threw up in my mouth.

What? Them losing their starting QB may be just the break we need that tips the scale in our favor. That can be the difference between winning and losing this game.

Is there really any difference between their barely FBS freshman team O-line and our’s? How many points did B. Wallace penalties cost us in this half?

I can’t tell which OL is better. As far as how many points Wallace cost us in penalties. I don’t know. I’m going to guess about a hundred. Does that sound about right?

Maybe I spoke to soon. Their back up QB is looking pretty good and that freshman OL they have is doing a pretty good job of giving him time. Still a long way to go. Maybe we can catch a break and get things rolling.

Or maybe not.