We should be a lot more excited

About our new QB. Wow! This guy is an awesome talent who just hapoens to have considerable SEC experience with a winning program. We also get to season our talented young QB a little longer before throwing him into the fire. Where is your joy people?


Yea !

It takes more than the QB to win but looking today at the rest of the SEC West at the QB position, Arkansas will start on equal footing with the other teams and much better than some at this stage. Lot’s can change between now and Sept., but QB is the main marker of how the team’s chances will go.

I agree Eagle. We needed a proven QB with some skill upgrades for that position, and we got it. Franks will lead that room and offer tips to the young ones that will help them develop, along w Briles coaching them up. Franks has a really good arm and we need THAT! CSP and OL coach will get our OL fixed…and I expect OL to take a pretty good jump this year because we get some injured ones back and the young ones will be a year more mature and possibly ready under better coaching and weight/strength development.

It’s a great thing to have a guy with that much SEC experience to come in and be the presumptive starting QB next year. Franks has had some ups and downs, especially during the first 1 1/2 years at Florida, but the overall trend has been up, and we are getting a guy that Mullen coached up for a couple of years, which is also a really good thing.

Some folks are doubtlessly gun shy about grad transfer QBs in general after last season’s Hicks/Starkel debacle. Plus Franks had some putrid games in 2017 and a couple in 2018, getting booed by the locals a time or two, and of course those kinds of negative impressions can be hard to overcome.

But Franks has also been the starter in some big wins, including LSU and beating Michigan in a bowl game. He’s played in a lot of big games, and he’s won some of them.

I think Franks is about the best available to be the bridge QB for a rebuilding team with a very thin QB room. If Jefferson is ready to start (and I don’t think that is totally out of the question) Franks makes him prove it.

SEC is tough on QBs. There’s a good chance both of them will record starts this season. And they can push each other.

I guess, for me, after getting very excited about 2 QB transfers last year, one in a similar situation to this one (SEC school) I am just a little leery. I realize this situation has NOTHING to do with last years. Just makes me leery.

The other thing it does is send a signal that status quo is not going to cut it anymore. Plan is to compete and win now and not based on some developmental plan over two or three years. It will take a team to win and some more pieces but being competitive and having competition is the clear objective here.

Gotta do that to win the fanbase back.

I’ve already stated that I think he has a great chance to be very successful in this offense. The OL will have to be much improved and I think they will, but with our receivers and Frank’s ability to throw the long ball there will be opportunities for some big plays!

Same thing was said about Starkel last year.

There’s just no way you could go into the season with 3 quarterbacks next season.

To get someone with Franks’ experience is a great move.

I just don’t get those who were cool with the status quo.


Franks throws a much better Deep ball,look at his tape and notice how he puts enough air for WR to get under and make adjustments vs just showing off a cannon of a arm which he most certainly could do but doesn’t that’s the difference Starkel threw a flatter arc ball which is all or nothing

yeah you need a white jacket if you think KJ or the other 2 were all we needed

Starkel has all of the physical abilities to have done the job for us. What he didn’t have was a coach worth a darn. Starkel held the record for most yards in a SEC game (at A&M) before Joe Burreaux’s took it.

It seems to me that many don’t recall Feleipe Franks’ 2019 season, but are just remembering his first 2 years’ struggles at Florida.

The Feleipe Franks we are getting is the one that Dan Mullen (noted QB guru) chose to start for the for the Gators in 2019. The QB who, in the 2.5 games he played in, was 54 of 71 for a 76.1% completion rate. The QB who threw for 700 yards and 5 TDs. The QB who rushed for the winning TD against Miami. The QB who finished those 2.5 games with a QB rating of 173.4.

And yet, there are complaints about him coming here. There are comparisons to Starkel and Hicks, who neither one would have started for the teams they were transferring from to come here.

We are getting the GUY who Mullen chose to lead the Gators before he went down with an injury. The ONLY possible negative that I see, is if his ankle is not completely healed. And, there is a possibility, due to him only playing 2.5 games last season, we could have him for 2 years with a medical hardship possible.

Geez, do you really not want an extremely talented QB who in his last season before injury, had a QB rating of 173.4? I don’t get it.

I realize, most (not all) on here are very happy he chose to transfer to the Hogs. Much of this post is directed to the imbeciles I just listened to on the radio while I was returning from a Dr’s appointment.


We did not have one proven SEC quarterback on our roster until we got Felipe Franks. I bet the coaches are relieved and excited both. He is an proven SEC quarterback with an excellent quarterback coach in Kendall Briles here to coach him. If he gets beaten out…good for the guy that does it.

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I thought Starkel was much more of a gamble than Franks—and it was a good gamble at the time. Starkel had a very high ceiling, which was exciting. However, let’s be honest. No one really had a good sense of his floor. I don’t think it was established well enough at A&M. His floor was established with us, and it just wasn’t stable enough to build a house. You can probably throw a nice shed up there in the right conference.

Franks, however, has been steadily building up his floor. The upside is much more known. He’s going to throw bad balls; he’s going to get intercepted. But, he can also really command a drive, and he can win a game or two with his play.

That’s just my take.

Better get your tickets while they are cheap.

In 2018

Joe Burrow at LSU
219-379, 2,894 yards, 16 TDs, 5 Ints
128 rushing, 399 yards, 7 TDs

Feleipe Franks at Florida
188-322, 2,457 yards, 24 TDs, 6 Ints
110 rushes, 350 yards, 7 TDs.

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One added point, I should have had in my post above about Franks:

That 173.4 QB rating he had last year would have been 7th in the country. Obviously, who knows if he would have maintained that. However, just a point to let you understand just how impressive that number is. He was playing at a very level when he went down with the injury.

I get folks being cautious because of what happened with the transfers last year but to me, this is a whole different ballgame. Yes, he is a transfer but he has way more upside I think the Starkel and Hicks. Throws a way better ball and has a way better QB coach and OC. I gotta believe that the WR room is pretty stoked after yesterdays news.

Getting Franks will be huge…especially when we go on the road to Notre Dame. He has played in big game on the road environments so the moment won’t be too big for him. I really believe the O Line will be improved under CSP and Davis and if we can run it and run it well behind Boyd then the offense should produce. The D side is a whole other animal.