We scored more points in the second half

Than Vandy did in the entire game (55 to 48). Shot 65% in the second half including 8 of 10 from deep.

The hogs looked like a different team after halftime. I was just glad to see them put Vandy away and stop allowing them to hang around.

The hogs only had 3 turnovers in the second half after commuting 10 in the first half.

I don’t like seeing Adrio shot but he made 2 nice mid range shots that shows he’s capable in that part of the floor.

Vandy made 16 shots and turned it over 23 times. That’s a recipe for getting crushed.

You know you’re in bad shape when Ty Stevens gets an and-1 on you. Both the walk-ons got their first points of the season.

He’s been doing that. He’s the only one of our fours that catches and shoots the ball from that area that I expect the ball to go in. Chaney around the FT line is another good shot.

Vandy is a poor team with no depth. The 2nd half they just hit the wall. When they did, we just overpowered them. When we play a lesser team, our style works well. We just ran them into the ground.

Agree with you. I wish Adrio and Chaney shoot those midrange jumpers without hesitation, when they are open, unless it is a buzzer beater type of shot. They don’t have the experience to make a clutch shot yet. But the way fans at BWA are shouting at Adrio to not shoot, I can see why the hesitation.