We saw what a difference

a good PG can make. Cooper made that Auburn team so much better. Night and day difference from the 1st game. Even when we adjusted defensively to take him out of it, he still made some great plays late to get to the basket. Just glad he missed that last shot.

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Covid and a soft schedule up front has made it difficult for coach CEM to put the pieces of this puzzle together this season. If Mason Jones and Isaiah Joe had returned it would have been a much easier transition into this season. Last night I saw a definite step up in effort and toughness.

Not to rain on a parade, because I love the grit and effort that led to a win last night, but the original post is a good point. So many times we hear that the college game is a guard game and I sometimes scratched my head when I see how many guards that Coach tends to target in recruiting, but after last night I see why. We won the game with effort and some good strategy and put the outcome in a bit of risk with the lack of a take charge point guard type. Not sure if we have one on the roster, but if not this is all the more reason to keep recruiting for one.

Just a point of discussion, not only at the end, but it seemed we had numerous instances of difficulty in inbounding the ball. Was it that Auburn was so long and quick? Hopefully we get this corrected, because part of the hole we dug was from these and other turnovers. Likely the take charge point guard type improves these issues as well.

If Jones and Joe were here idk if we get Moody. But yeah if they were here we are top 10

Agree… solid point guard play down the stretch of a close game is critical. That’s what made Tate’s 5th foul so huge.

Devo had a nice game, but his inexperience showed in those last few minutes. The first of his back to back turnovers against the press, came as he stood stationary trying to inbounds the ball after a made basket. His second came after he did run the baseline to get the ball in bounds, but then tried to break the press with the dribble. Both were errors of inexperience, as much as anything.

While Tate is more than capable of turning it over also, perhaps neither of those lost possessions happen if he is still in the game. Either way, point guard play is critical in those moments.

Devo is only going to be getting better as the game slows down for him with more playing time. I think he’s going to end up being quite a positive out there with his ability to take it to the rim.

I agree 100 percent on Devo. You give this guy another year or two… He’s going to be very special!!

Devo has game. He and Moody are players. The confidence is bone
deep in those two.

What about KK? Is a healthy KK next year the PG we need?

Keeping my fingers crossed. I want KK to run this offense with Devo as the second ball handling guard but not the primary ball handling guard. Hopefully that happens and I can go to sleep without thinking about the Arkansas PG position for the first time since Jabril Durham ran it.

KK is a point guard. He’s hurt. Would he have made a difference Wednesday night? Dunno. As Calipari is finding out this year, sometimes freshmen play like freshmen. For all the crap Jalen Harris took the last two years, he was pretty good at protecting the ball; he averaged a turnover every 16 minutes.

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