We really need to

have some dunking practice.


Exactly Gas!

I have never seen us get so many shots blocked inside like this game.


We need to stop working on layups, it’s clearly wasted time. Try something else, dunks.


Do we just lack explosiveness? Our footwork seemingly has us in bad positions to finish shots.

If you have a layup opportunity and don’t attempt to dunk it. Your coming out. Massive amounts of leaps in practice. Our FT attempts would go up.

What the hogs really need is a true point guard.

WE actually made quite a few dunks today.

But we missed layups that should have been dunks.

A couple of times sure, but not enough to warrant this thread I believe.

A lot of it is lack of explosiveness and/or length. Some of it is a feel (pump fakes or lack thereof/not going strong.

Vanover is very weak. Smith can jump when he’s going downhill, but he’s not tall for the position and often doesn’t go up strong. Jackson looks the part but prefers to shoot 3s and fadeaway.

Moody, as has been discussed but with some some disagreement, is not a leaped at all. He is below the rim, a lot and has some close misses and rejections as a result. He is 6-6 with a 7-0 wingspan /!; is very good with pumpfakes, so he finishes, but not great.

Tate is not a leaper. Williams isn’t, either, and struggles sometimes against length. Devo gets to the rim and is a decent finisher but not great.

Notae and Sills are not big dunkers but mare probably their best contested shot makers at the rim.

Overall, it’s a major issue. Vandiver’s inability to finish putbacks even at 7-3 has arguably cost them a few wins.

Yes we seem to be inconsistent and struggle at point guard with penetration against physical defenders and tend to turn it over too much.

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Gas thinks every shot should be a dunk.

We did have five dunks yesterday. That might be a season high.

I was just thinking what, as it turns out, coach Muss was thinking during his post game PC.

We left a lot of dunks (points) out there. You guys think this is just a tag line or something. But it’s a real problem and has been for awhile. IMHO it’s a mindset issue. Tearing the goal down when you have or slightly have and opportunity is a mental mindset of physicality. Not having this mindset leaves more than the 2 points from the dunk you should have tried, but tons of FT attempts on the court.

Weak youth league layups is not a mindset you need at this level. Attack the rim, dunk the ball with authority. Get to the line. Finish, and ones are a beautiful thing. They allow for more points.

Want to be a better physical team then develop a dunk mindset. Right now we don’t have a physical mindset.

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Recruit some grown men to play that are strong and tuff! That’s the answer.
The skinny body types get pushed around.


Army has nailed it. We need a true point guard and a big banger inside with athleticism and scoring ability. Of course if the Queen had…well you know the rest…

Finishing strong under under the basket and on lay ups is a mindset, we cannot continue to try circus shots to avoid getting blocked. Go up strong and attack the rim and defensive player and make him block you cleanly or score or draw the foul, but don’t continue to come up empty. I have felt that as much as we get to the rim that we should get teams in more foul trouble than we have at this point. WPS

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Depends on how you define tearing down the goal. Most players don’t have the force to slam dunk the ball over anybody. Gafford was our last player that could do that.

We are not a physical team. Smith is the only player who I would classify as a physical player. Desi is a wild man, but too small to do much near the rim. We need a couple of studs who can play near the basket, but if we had those guys, they would not be here very long. This is the state of college basketball…watered down and not a great product, due to professional basketball taking the best players.

Was watching the Golden St game the other night.
Draymond fed Wiseman rolling to the basket.
Wiseman plowed through the defender while attempting to dunk.
Draymind was as excited as someone could be for a teammate getting a charge called against him.
Draymond was encouraging Wiseman to be aggressive going to the hoop and saw that particular play (even tho it resulted in a turnover) as a sign that Wiseman was learning to be aggressive.