We really need the bottom of the order this week

I know the top of the order is always the biggest key but I have noticed that in a lot of the games the bottom has come up in crucial situations especially RISP with less than 2 outs and we have really struggled at the bottom lately and we really need those 3 guys to pick it up and come through with some big hits, sac bunts etc to get on base for the top of the order to hopefully come through with some big hits.I really think when they hit reall well we are hard to beat.

The bottom of the order has been key all year! The struggles with RISP the last few weeks started at Texas A&M and continued in Hoover! In the regional the Hogs looked better at the plate at times.
If they taked swings at strikes in the super against Ole Miss they will be fine. Casey Martin has been getting himself out! Especially against Ole Miss. I would like to see him try to bunt for a hit or go to right field.

Bottom of the order has been a pleasant surprise this year.
Casey has come back to some of his habits he had at the beginning of the season, though not quite as bad.

We got the worst of the draws for this years super regionals To win here and Omaha it’s gonna take some crucial batting & fielding from the top, middle, & bottom of the order & good pitching period. Maybe not all at the same time but pretty much so.
Pitching has to carry on as it has lately.

I think we have a little trouble unless Casey can figure out how to get on base this weekend.

He’s been killing us. 1-23 or whatever it is is just flat out terrible.

We’ve been fortunate that others have stepped up when Casey is down, but he’s too important a hitter for him to continue in this slump. I’d hoped he’d broken out of it against TCU, but that was a premature hope. He’s capable of breaking out any time & I’m sure Thompson has been working with him all week, but if we want to get to Omaha & do well there, we can’t have any “automatic outs” anywhere in our lineup

Yes, the top of the order is the biggest key. Bottom of the order has done just fine. Need Casey Martin and Heston Kjerstad to play like top draft choices (that they likely will be next year).

I think Casey is a .300+ average hitter and will get back to that average during the super and CWS.