We really didn't win Media Days

I heard many regional and national beat reporters talk about their impressions of SEC Media Days. While everybody said Bret Bielema was entertaining, he couldn’t break through the Ole Miss-Texas A&M wall and get the Razorbacks into the SEC West picture.

Both those teams have had extraordinary distractions in the offseason. After Media Days, people seemed to conclude, “recruiting ratings,” and push the Rebels and Aggies back up the standings.

Head to head, Ole Miss apparently gets the nod over Arkansas because of the QB matchup. Texas A&M is favored because of talent level.

The media guys do not have any respect for Arkansas’s offense this season. That is clear. They assume the Hogs will have to win with defense and expect same as the past – poor against spread, good against run.

Anybody else have takeaways from post-Media Days media observations?

The only way we can win this is on the field. Our offense will need to prove that it belongs.

Do they give our rings for winning media day?

Ask Steve Spurrier :slight_smile:

On the flip side, Arkansas didn’t lose media days because it appears to run a solid program. That can’t be said of every SEC team.

The projections are about where we all thought Arkansas would be picked. I had the Razorbacks fourth in the west, but I don’t think there is a lot of difference right now between 3 through 7, and pretty much every team is capable of beating each other.

I was a little surprised with the all-SEC teams, but not entirely. I voted Skipper, Ragnow, R. Williams, Morgan, Wise, Ledbetter and Baker the equivalent of first- or second-team. Some of that is based on what I have seen in practices, so it’s a bit biased toward Arkansas. I’m sure it’s the same with other media. It’ll be interesting to see how the coaches vote in a few weeks.

The preseason stuff doesn’t mean anything, obviously. There is no doubt Arkansas’ roster has to play above what is expected from most media. If the only first- or second-team pick after the season is a right tackle, then it probably means the Razorbacks had a rough season.

To me it was remarkable how positive the SEC media contingent came away about Ole Miss and Texas A&M.

Both teams - in my opinion - have a lot of serious concerns. In both camps, you have to wonder about the odds of them putting things together.

…winning streak against Bama. They are a miracle win by us from playing for the SEC Championship and, if they had won. playing in the national championship game. They have their QB, the best in the SEC, and a lot of talent back. There is a lot of faith in A&M’s transfer QB. He is the key to their season.

To be fair, ole miss’ win over Bama last year was almost as miraculous as our win against them, scoring the winning points on a pass that should have been picked and tipped in the air right to a Bear receiver. It is odd to me that last summer, miss state had the best returning QB in the west and got picked last. But chad Kelley gets the Bears in the title conversation despite huge losses on their defense. Ole miss is a time bomb about to go off. When it does it will be right back where it usually is, fighting for fifth place.

We need to beat aTm period. We have given them games 2 years in a row. We are steadily improving our conference W-L record and need to do it again this year. Plus beat the East foe Florida this year.
Lot of teams lost key players just like us so it’s basically a crap shoot in the SECW other than Bama will be near the top in the end, but I wouldn’t guarantee that they win the West this year.

If you win media days you usually lose on the field. Their record of picking SEC finishes and all conference teams is miserable at best


Watch the replay on that play… Kelly threw it HIGH to Treadwell knowing his receiver held the advantage over the shorter DB’s. In fact, Treadwell was indeed coming down with the ball. The ball hit the TOP of the Bama defenders helmet.
Attaboyjoe, was far away from the play when the ball was thrown. He, being a 3 year starter, was knowledgeable enough to “go where the play was taking place” even though the throw was obviously not intended for him…He put himself in a position to “be there” if something like that happened.
By the same token, the best thing about the “Hunter Heave” was the fact Hunter played for PA. PA is always doing laterals & such. He knew the play was over if he got tackled so he reverted back to PA days.
I believe there was more to both plays than what initially meets the eye and one merely discounts them by saying, “Luck Plays”…FWIW
(also, OM beat Bama AT bama…something to be said for that too… and it was Bama’s ONLY loss)…
I believe our schedule will hamper us on finishing in the top half of the West.
We beat Aub in 4 OT at home so a road game against them is not guaranteed nor is a road game where they clang those dang cowbells…nor are home games vs Bama and FL…we will do well to win 4 SEC games. Road game vs TCU will also be difficult…

When do we ever win media days? Even back to the SWC, the pattern is almost always the same-- the least respect we get all year is on prediction day.

I would be more shocked (and worried) if we had been picked higher.