We’re holding at number six In the updated RPI

In RPI terms, we essentially split with the Aggies, losing the series an adjusted 1.3 to 1.4… And so we’re still solidly in the mix for a national seed… Especially now that we can add the SEC West title to our credentials… and that does factor in… In particular, winning the SEC West, which is undoubtedly GHE toughest division in all of college baseball…

I’m a little surprised MSU didn’t drop a spot or two & that we didn’t pass them given the relative strengths of AM v. SC & that we were on the road & MSU was playing at home. Of course, we can improve our RPI in Hoover if we get a couple of wins.

However, I think you’re right that our top 8 seed is pretty secure right now. I’d like to improve it as much as we can without sacrificing pitching in Hoover. Connor only threw 40-something pitches today. Even on a short week, he should be pretty fresh. Wicklander’s awful start yesterday at least leaves him pretty fresh. I don’t know when we might see Campbell. I suppose we will see him Wednesday, but not certain of that.

I expect to see Campbell on Wednesday… That would be six days rest and he’s pitched on six days rest successfully before… Plus, to pitch him any later would be to put our next series… I.e., the NCAA tournament… Into play… I’d rather see him pitch early and have plenty of rest… After we win our first game I think DVH will be very liberal with the bullpen because he knows the big prize starts the week afterwards, not in Hoover… Not for this team…

I doubt Zay will go Wednesday. Since he pitched Thursday the last two weeks and will go Friday in the regional, I think he pitches Thursday. They might start Wick Wednesday since he only threw 44 pitches yesterday. Or they may treat it as a midweek game.

I expect Campbell to go Thurs…we threw Murphy in game 1 last yr