We played well tonight against LSU...

They are just better than we are. We gave a great effort. This loss would be easier to take if we hadn’t lost to Florida. That one hurt.

There may be one good thing to come out of this loss…maybe. Mike Anderson has got to see his best lineup includes Reggie Chaney and Daniel Gafford. Sub Bailey and Gabe for Chaney. As Dane Bradshaw, the color guy for the SEC tv telecast said, “Arkansas is a different team when Reggie Chaney plays well”.

Chaney hasn’t played nearly the minutes he should have in the games prior to the conference games, in my view. He should have started and played a lot of minutes to get seasoned. We aren’t going anywhere playing Gabe and Bailey. Those two are subs, at best. Chaney has a nice upside…put him with Gafford and the other starters, and we are pretty danged good. No, Chaney is not going to play every night like he did tonight, but so what? You have to play your best players.

Apparently, Mike forgot to tell Gabe about the rule…no 3 point shots or you sit by me. He threw up a couple that looked like they were Acme bricks. Please tell him to stop. Please.

Daniel Gafford gave all he had and was superb tonight…Great job, big man.

They did, played very tough, very hard. The comeback was incredible, they can play with good teams, just can’t get over the hump.

That was a hard one to swallow, but I really enjoyed the comeback effort. Too bad Isiah Joe had a sub par game or I think the outcome would have been different. As the season progresses maybe the freshman will be more consistent. Chaney showed his stuff tonight. Hope he has found his stride.

It burns my rear end when I can look at 4 to 5 possession where we turned the ball over on a fast break or just simply fail to make the pass for a easy bucket and there are several in this game.
When you break down on defense and leave shooters wide open from the 3 point arc you will get similar results.
Playing hard is just another excuse.
Maybe they ought to focus on free throw shooting and take it to heart. They stink from the charity stripe and it has been the number one cause of every loss this year.

It seems that at least recently our best shooters have come from the Jr. College ranks Macon, Barford (who did develop a decent shot after arriving) and now Jones. Jimmy whitt came in the first year with a pretty decent shot and his sophomore year started sling shoting the ball. Jacory Williams also sling shoted the ball until he transferred then developed a good looking shot. Is there something wrong with the shooting instruction their getting? Bailey, Sills, and Gafford don’t have very good mid range mechanics. Isiah Joe just seems to be in a funk ( I think a lot of that has to do with his strength to fight through contact)

Of they are better than us. Their players are higher ranked, more athletic, and are better shooters. Arkansas played their best game of the year so the game was close. For our players to play their best is all we should expect.

Played well??? Not defensively, maybe our worst defensive game of the year. Other than the last 6mins of regulation, they got whatever they wanted on the offensive end.

Then after you claw back, retake the momentum, and force OT…you give up 17pts in 5mins of OT.


I wouldn’t say the best shooters came fromJUCO as a general rule. Desi and Joe are freshmen and Jones is a sophomore. He went to JUCO for a lack of offers.
The shooters we’ve had haven’t hung around. Transfers have killed our depth. Kids want to play early and off they go.
Hall transferred and played a lot last year

Joe is going through being guarded right and has to learn to move. He took a baseline drive and put up a dying dunk near the end of regulation also he missed a free throw. He needs to put on weight and hit the weight room. Once he learns to absorb contact and finish he will get more outside shots with space.
Desi will show up and provide offense give him time. They are just young.

The reason they (players) lost the game tonight and wednesday nights game is there damm free throw shooting Which was not even said on the above comments… And I have NOT heard Coach Anderson say a word about it!

The reason they (players) lost the game tonight and wednesday nights game is there damm free throw shooting Which was not even said on the above comments… And I have NOT heard Coach Anderson say a word about it!

in response to jhawg, i agree. plus when we do the mass substitution thing each 5 to 6 minutes, instead of putting all freshmen and gabe in the game, you would add some experience to the sub package. wish we had a 6th man that we could count on for scoring.

He has said plenty about “there damn free throw shooting” in every press conference I have been in this year, including Saturday’s.

Dudley, there you go interfering with someone’s ill-informed agenda with those inconvenient facts again.

Anderson probably doesn’t say much about free throws because the more you talk about them only puts more pressure on them to make them. Good shooters will their free throws over the long haul. Maybe too many hogs are not good shooters. A big man who can’t make free throws really hurts the team because we need to be going to him. But late in a game if the other team knows they just need to foul him and don’t let him get a shot then it ruins our chance to win a close game. The hogs will break out and have a hot shooting night soon and upset either Tennessee or Ole Miss like they did Auburn last year. The problem is, they can’t beat the worse teams when they shoot poorly because they don’t play solid defense.