We played the National Champs

Better than any team did this tourney. Gonzaga’s lack of a league did them in once again. Mark Few is a very good coach, but how long is he gonna sit in Spokane, making peanuts, while the results continue to pass him by? The fishing can’t be that good. Losing an undefeated season like this will sting for a very long time. Winning a National Championship is very hard. That’s why MY ring is my most prized possession. Go Hogs!

Yep. We played Baylor better than the Zags. Better than Houston. Better than anyone in the tourney. Tells you just how good we were playing. And, while I could never prove this, I suspect it would have been a down to the buzzer game if Moses had shot a “normal” percentage for him.

I do hate to see the Zags lose though. They do it the right way. Or at least they seem to. Certainly they exude class.

Baylor on the other hand…well…


Yes, I was about to post the same. We were looking like their other victims in the tourney about 12 minutes into the game. Even though we did not win, the comeback against Baylor was maybe the best comeback we had all season. With a little over 5 minutes left in the game, we were 4 points down and had 3 shots to cut it to 2. We just ran out of gas after that great run. You just can’t dig your self as big a hole as we did in that first half and expect to come back and beat a team as good as Baylor.

I hadn’t thought it before, but Baylor was one of the most experienced teams in the Tourney. Their team was Jr and senior dominated, while Gonzaga leaned heavily on a freshman (Suggs) and a soph (Timme). Both were outplayed by their Jr and Sr counterparts.

And yes, since we were Baylor’s only single digit defeat, I declare the Hogs as 2nd in the country.

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Fishing there is darn good. Not better than Alaska. But comparable to most great places. I think Few loves that area for good reason.

When I was thinking of taking a more “high profile” job in my field once, I was asked by a mentor “Rob, are you happy?” I answered “yes!” His response was “don’t screw with happy.”

I stayed put.


Villanova played Baylor pretty tough. Villanova led Baylor at halftime but could not stay with the Bears down the stretch.

Larry Johnson told Nolan
“Go get you some grown Men. “
That’s what the Zags lacked last night.
They weren’t challenged all year and again Baylor made the 3 ball!
I’m my opinion the Zags once again got the gift 1 seed and came up short again.

Last five years in the tourney - National runner-up, Elite 8, Sweet 16, National runner-up, Sweet 16.

I’d say he’s doing just fine. As you allude, most coaches don’t win national championships.

Where would you have seeded them? They beat Kansas, West Virginia, Auburn, Iowa, Virginia all on neutral courts in the non conference.

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They absolutely deserved a number 1 seed!


If not for our predictably slow start & sizable deficit early in the game, wonder if the Hogs could have played competitively & possibly played evenly with Baylor til the finish.

Baylor attacked quickly & early in their tournament games which did not bode well for Arkansas or for Gonzaga.

I would think 4 pts in final 5 min shooting a good looking 3 is pretty competitive. The better team won, but the Hogs were competitive.

Gonzaga definitely deserved a #1 seed. In retrospect, they were probably not as good as their record indicated. They benefitted from a weak schedule. But even after losing to Baylor, I’d still vote them #2 in the nation. Certainly a top 5 team. I’d put us in the top 5, too–ahead of Houston. I admit I’m biased, but if I were ranking the teams based on the tournament & the season, I’d put it Baylor, Zags, Hogs, UCLA, Mich, Houston. Alabama (or Bama/Houston)

The Zags played & won against some pretty tough NC teams this year. Maybe the cconference games weren’t to tough.
They deserved the # 1 seed.

I think they have won at least 30 games 5 years in a row.

Beat Kansas
Beat ACC champ Virginia
Beat West Virginia, which took Baylor to overtime
Beat #2 seed Iowa

We played 14 games against Q1 opposition out of a tough league. They played 13, and won 12 of them. Last night they hit a buzzsaw. A week before, we hit the same buzzsaw,

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I also would put us in the top 5. The “after post season coaches poll” came out and we were 6th, which is really good. However it wasn’t Houston that knocked us out of 5th. It was Bama, which I think was ludicrous. We went to the Elite Eight, while Bama didn’t get out of the Sweet Sixteen. That poll had Houston 3rd?

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I wouldn’t have argued if they’d ranked UCLA above us. Run to the Final Four and taking the Zags to the wire is nothing to sneeze at. We split with Bama and they won the SEC. I can’t argue with that either. But Houston is the worst Final Four team at least since Nova bombed OU by 44 in 2016.

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They beat Kansas, West Virginia, Virginia and Iowa during the regular season. You can’t find more grown men than what’s at West Virginia.

Luke Garza at Iowa is no slouch.

Baylor is just very very very good. Great guards are hard to beat.

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I think Zaga is very good. Maybe great. But so is Baylor. Ain’t NOBODY beating a team like Baylor…super athletic, aggressive, quick, physical…if they shoot like that. Their weakness is they don’t really have a polished offense if the iso game ain’t producing.

But–it was producing.

So what are you gonna do? 60% from 3 in the first half. Almost impossible to beat if that same team plays great D.

If they played a 7 game series I think it would go 7.

I thought Baylor was the best team all year. They continuously put 5 athletes on the floor. And, they’re men. Men who can shoot 3’s. I felt the Hogs were a level down from Baylor, maybe all teams were. While the Hogs held Baylor close…at the end, Arkansas never led, neither did the Zags. To Baylors credit they had two guys who were pretty good in the paint; those 10 fouls mattered last night…to the Zags five.

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